15 Simple Yoga Asanas for Children

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Benefits of yoga are not only limited to adults but also help children in a big way. We’ll be covering some basic asanas that children can easily pick up.

Our little yogis!

Kids are born yogis and yoga encourages their creativity to flow, their fears, anger , and sadness to release, their trust in the inner self to shine and their minds and hearts to be in sync. Yoga has a calming effect and helps in better body awareness, self-control, flexibility and coordination. The advantages of yoga are many, especially for children with hyperactive and attention deficit disorder.

“Yoga therapy” does help kids with down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and all other developmental disabilities as yoga poses increases body awareness, special breathing techniques develops and stimulates various brain centers and strengthens optic nerves. Along with this “music therapy” combined with asanas and a good relaxation would work wonders for the child.

For all this to happen first the parents need to be stress free and enjoy practicing yoga with their child – trust me it’s a lot of fun and rewarding too!

Here are 15 simple Yoga Asanas for Children

Introducing Yoga early

For younger children yoga can be introduced through special books – it helps them to illustrate yogic values such as peace, love, friendship, feeling etc… basically doing anything to enhance their physical and emotional awareness.

With preschoolers, ten to fifteen minutes is a good start. Each exercises lasts thirty seconds to one minute. You can add more time, as they get more involved in the asana.

5 key areas where kids benefit from the practice of yoga

  1. Enhances physical flexibility
  2. Improves coordination and balance
  3. Develops focus and concentration
  4. Encourages kids for better understanding and interaction
  5. Sparks creativity and teaches discipline and responsibility

Simple asanas

Some of the asanas which can be practiced easily at home are given below. Most of them are named after the animals and the kids can imagine themselves like them and can exercise while having fun.


The yoga session can be concluded with a few minutes of relaxation. A small demonstration.

Parent tips

  • Create a special time of the day for yoga. Take some time in the morning or evening, and follow it with a deep relaxation
  • Make it a fun session with them, start with just few minutes everyday, get colorful yoga mats, you can even match your yoga outfits…anything to make it interesting for them.
  • You can get some colorful patterned yoga mats for kids
  • Practice yoga barefoot and wear easy comfortable clothing
  • Put on some soothing music to set in the relaxed mood
  • Make sure the child has not eaten anything right before doing the yoga asana
  • Show your child the pose and do it with them
  • Let your child do as much as he can, do not push it too much

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