Inspiring story behind the memory quilt makers, Soul Quilts

Inspiring story behind the memory quilt makers, Soul Quilts Cover Image

As we approach women’s day – this is a story of three women from three different industries with absolutely no funding or backing. This is a story where one can realise that it takes nothing but a great idea and a great team to march forward and set foot on a prosperous business that offers abundance to many. 

What started off as an exciting idea between 3 women entrepreneurs during Covid times, took off as a business within a week with just one prototype. 

It was too cool to believe even for the founding team that mommies all over Bangalore are waiting with fond clothes to be upcycled into amazing pieces like quilts, aprons, baking mittens, cushion covers and more. 

During Covid times people, businesses and institutions re-invented themselves overnight and Soul Quilts was one such move. With mommies being online and in search of options for decluttering and being minimalists – a sustainably easy option like upcycling old clothes became popular. For Soul Quilts, it was all about finding the right team at the right time and this was possible with a seamless collaboration between a passionate artisan and a retail brand to support her work.

Soul Quilts - A story weaved with old, fond memories into fresh pieces of decor for families to relish and preserve!

Product Picture Credit: Aditya Mangalam

Meet the Trio of Mom-preneurs Behind This Venture

Farah Ahmed

Soul Quilts is a listed product under ‘Sweetroot‘ which is a leading brand for mommy & baby clothes, toys, accessories and more. When it comes to Soul Quilts, Farah Ahmad, is the key behind making this venture a reality. Her retail leadership offered enough insight for the venture around what mommies expect, the products that are in demand and the overall market in this segment. Farah manages the Soul Quilts business in terms of lead generation, customer engagements and strategizing the business at large.

Naaz Ahmed

The thoughtful artisan behind each project taken up at Soul Quilts. Naaz, comes from a family of designers and has spent many years seeing how tailoring works as a business and as a passion. She hails from Delhi and knows the nuances of colour palettes, textures and creates magic with her little unit that sews memories every single day for Soul Quilts by Sweetroot. Naaz understands what customers prefer, identifies patterns that work and weaves out the final products with impeccable finish, look and feel. Naaz not only sees this as an opportunity for her own growth, but she sees this as a unit of women working with her sooner than later with scalable solutions in the stream of upcycling.

Ishwarya Kumar Ahmed

A mom-preneur for initiatives in the realm of parenting and childhood. She gave this project a supportive hand with the idea of upcycling fond clothes into upmarket decor. She contributes with her ideas on what customers like in terms of design, feel and more. Ishwarya loves to work with this team as the magic unfolds for every customer while she works towards a strong product roadmap in the realm of upcycling.

Soul Quilts – Upcycled Memory Quilts, Hand-Made by Local Artisans

Soul Quilts promotes the idea of donation of clothes with every sale. They mention clearly to customers that they want to upcycle ONLY the sentimental clothes that people hold on to after all donations.

This is a project where 3 women have 1 strong vision as they work towards making this an opportunity for employment for a unit of underprivileged women.

Soul Quilts works with multiple collaborators to make this a unit up and ready for orders from all over India. Soul Quilts has made an entrance in the industry with orders in Kerala, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Chennai and more apart from Bangalore.

Soul Quilts is a story that weaves old, fond memories into fresh pieces of decor for families to relish and preserve!

Wondering how you can place your order

Placing your order with SoulQuilts is a simple 3 step process

  • You send your items of clothing to SoulQuilts
  • They will design & create your baby’s keepsake patchwork memory quilt
  • Once done, you will receive your precious memory quilt which you will have for life

To learn more about Soul Quilts, you can visit the website or contact +91-9901540581.

It’s always a good time to make new memories and now you can hold on to something that extra special with Soul Quilts. Order away and get something extraordinary done for yourself and your little ones.

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