Whip up these super easy Christmas treats with your kids!

Whip up these super easy Christmas treats with your kids! Cover Image

Christmas is incomplete without some tasty treats! Luckily, this article has 10 of them that are as easy as they are delicious. So, scroll on through and get cooking with your kids. These quick Christmas recipes are sure to bring in the holiday cheer.

The holidays are here and what better way to bring it all in and celebrate than to hit the kitchen your little baker? And the best part is, you can have this collection of simple and yummy recipes be your holiday special guide to entertaining kids with some easy, creative bakes and decorations.

1. Christmas Cookie Houses

Your kids are surely going to love this one and besides, who doesn’t love cookies! You can use different biscuits and decorative items to give each cookie house a fun look. And what’s more, make a small Christmas town of your own as well! P.S. – you can use gummy bears as people, how cute is that?

Video Courtesy: Kidspot.com.au

2. Sugar Cone Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree that you can eat! The frosting can be of your choice and the tree decoration can consist of all the favourites, like Gems, sprinkles and assorted candies. Bring out your child’s creative best as they build their own edible masterpiece (the best kind, really!). Plus, the sugar cone Christmas tree can be filled with goodies and used to top a cake or cupcake as well. YAY!

Video Courtesy: BakeLikeAPro

3. Melted Snowman Cookies

Cookies and Marshmallows – these are a few of our favourite things (aren’t they everybody’s?!) A sure shot hit combination with kids and adults alike because…how can there be Christmas without a snowman, right?! Make these adorable edibles for a house party or even a cookie exchange party, and you have a winner!

Video Courtesy: Delish

4. Santa Pancakes

Breakfast, snack, brunch or lunch – make mealtimes fun with these ‘ho-ho-ho so adorable’ pancakes! Parents – you can make them sweet or savoury and it’ a great way to sneak in some fruits and/or veggies because anything this cute won’t be met with much resistance!

Video Courtesy: Amy Huntley

5. Christmas Tree Mini Pizza

A Pizza perfect Christmas…what more could you ask for! These are make for perfect holiday snacks – easy, breezy and cheesy! Let your creativity rule – cut out the pizza dough using different cookie cutters and jazz them up with spreads, vegetables and decorations. Absolutely delicious!

Video Courtesy: Julie’s Eats & Treats

6. Reindeer Oreo Pops

Perfect for gifting or even eating by yourself around the Christmas table, these Reindeer cookies are too cute to be true! You can even take it a step further and change it up to make Santas, Christmas trees, Snowman or whatever tickles your fancy!

Video Courtesy: Thanksgiving & Co

7. Rice Crispies Christmas Tree Ornament

This one’s especially easy and lovely and it goes down as quite the crowd favourite. Make your own rice crispy balls by mixing rice crispies and melted marshmallows or jaggery and embellish them to make them look festive and taste delicious. This is a fun group activity to do with children, especially around this time of the year.

Video Courtesy: TheTypicalFamily

8. Layered Christmas Smoothie

Treats can be healthy too! Put together this vibrant, nutritious drink and earn some ‘brownie’…no…’smoothie’ points 😉 Customise the layers as per your personal preference. Fruits and veggies are welcome!

Video Courtesy: Tommy – Raw Blend

9. Healthy Snowballs

Get the festive energy up and running with these healthy energy bites. Give your little ones the much-needed uplift and avoid a sugar overload at the same time. Add nuts or not – it all depends on how you like it!

Video Courtesy: Minimalist Baker

10. Snowman and Reindeer Chocolate Bark

Easy yet impressive – these DIY snowman and Reindeer chocolate bark is the perfect gifting option during the holiday season. Make these Christmas themed or just top them with your favourite dry fruits. Additional tip – you can change up the theme and flavours as per any holiday you like!

Video Courtesy: Good Housekeeping UK

Pancakes, Cookies, Sandwiches, Pizzas and Oreo pops galore! These recipes will really get the holiday spirit going…and in the most delicious way possible as well. Just get down to the kitchen with your bubs and whip up these delicious treats in a jiffy; amidst all the hustle and bustle,  it’s a great way to spend some quality time with them. So, what are you waiting for, let’s get cooking! 

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