Weekly Quiz Mania to keep the whole Family engaged!

Weekly Quiz Mania to keep the whole Family engaged! Cover Image

Folks, are you ready for round 2 of ‘Quiz Mania’? Well, we are and we can’t keep calm because this one’s going to be all about Innovations & inventions. Do you remember who invented the telephone, or what happened when the apple fell from the tree? Time to keep thinking and keep quizzing!

BuzzingBubs, in association with QShala brings to you ‘Weekly Quiz Mania’ – a trivia quest where you’ll get to answer 10 fun questions with your little ones through the summer break. Each week will present itself with a new set of questions on an exciting theme – ones that your kids will love for sure! So, quizzers, after a scien-terific start to, ‘Quiz Mania’ is here with round 2…because, as you know a good quiz can lift anyone’s mood.

Through its drive for ‘Quriosity’, ‘Questioning’ and ‘Quests’,  QShala, has always sought to encapsulate and represent all the things we love and want your child to learn to love as well – using the process of quizzing – general awareness, connecting the dots, making informed guesses! And we at BuzzingBubs couldn’t agree more. Find out more about QShala, a platform of live online classes to prepare children with 21st century skills.

This week, it’s going to be ‘Innovations & Inventions’! Time to get your thinking caps on!

Here are the questions:






‘Quiz Mania’ will be back every week with trivia on a different and equally interesting topics. Sports, current affairs and more to look forward to! So, stay tuned and give those grey cells a good workout.

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