Warli Indian Folk Art Activity Worksheets for Kids

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Let your kids discover the beauty of Warli Indian Folk Art through these fun and interactive worksheets. Read on, download and get started!

The ‘Art Series’ is back and this time it’s all about getting to know the Warli style of Indian folk art. From simple stick figures to beautiful depictions of harvest celebrations and  weddings, there’s a lot to learn and create! You can also explore here the previous articles in this series on Indian Folk Art and Madhubani Indian Folk Art. Learn all about the art forms and download the printable activity worksheets for kids.

Warli is a primitive folk art form that comes from the Warli region of Maharashtra. This style of art is distinct in its simplicity as stick figures and lines make up for most strokes. In fact, if you notice, all the human figures look like the letter “X” with head & limbs!

Warli art was done typically on mud walls of huts and on special occasions. Today, it is done on paper, cloth and canvas as well. Back in the days, a mix of cow-dung & mud was used to create a unique reddish-brown background & then stick figures were drawn with a white pigment made out of rice powder & gum. Today, black ink is used for art done on white paper.

Below are some printable activity worksheets for kids around Warli art. While Black and White with a reddish-brown background are the typical colours associated with this art form, you can feel free to use your imagination and add colours to make your own version of it.

Warli Indian Folk Art Activity Worksheets for Kids

In Warli Art, major designs include harvest celebration, weddings, birth & other rituals. Many paintings depict musicians playing pipe instruments and drums & villagers dancing in a line or circle to the music. Local animals like goats, cows, birds were also featured in the village scenes.

1. Practice your way through these Warli designs – download, trace & have fun!

Warli art stick figure drawing worksheet

Download Worksheet Here

2. This activity sheet depicts a lovely native scenery. All you need to do is print it out, trace with black pen or sketch pen and then fill the birds & villager bodies in Black!Warli art village setting

Download Worksheet Here

3. A pretty flock of birds! Trace the dotted lines to finish each bird in the flock and then colour them all in.

Download Worksheet Here

Now that you’re familiar with some of the most typical designs in Warli art, you and your kids can try creating a Warli village of your own using the designs you have learnt.

If you enjoyed this article, then stay tuned for the next one in the ‘Art Series’! It’ll be here sooner than you think!

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