36 Unique Rakhi’s to choose from this Rakhsha Bandhan, 2021!

36 Unique Rakhi’s to choose from this Rakhsha Bandhan, 2021! Cover Image

This year, make Raksha Bandhan one to remember with these 36 Unique Rakhi’s that are as unique as they are special. Check out this list of curated Rakhi’s that is bound to make the celebrations one of a kind!

Raksha Bandhan – a celebration of the special bond between siblings – comes around every year in the Hindu month of Shravana. Rakhi not only symbolizes the relationship between siblings but it also immortalizes the lifelong connection between them. It is day of gift exchanges, laughter, love, sweet memories and of course, tying Rakhis.

To make this special occasion even more memorable, we have put together a curated list of Rakhi’s that are innovative and have creative designs with something different for every age group. The choices are plenty. From those made out of simple but beautiful threads to Jute, Kalamraki and Madhubani style designs, this list of Rakhi’s has it all. So, don’t let the pandemic stop you from celebrating this beautiful festival of love. Take your pick and give your sibling the Rakhi that they deserve…

after all, there can be no better companion than a brother and there can be no better friend than a sister!

Here’s the list. Many of these Rakhi’s can also be shipped as well, so if you’re away from your siblings, you don’t have to worry!

Teen Supreme – Themed Rakhi’s that every teen would like

1. Froggmag “Kalighta Pat-Ganesh” Rakhi

Kalighta Pat-Ganesh" Unique Rakhi's

What we like:

These Rakhi’s are Indian Folk Art themed and they add a spot of colour to the celebrations. Uniquely designed, they make for great keepsakes. For siblings far away – they are gift packed and ready to ship! The design seen in this Rakhi is of Ganesha in Kalighta Pat style.

Shop at Okhai | Price: Rs.500/-

2. Dauu Rakhi

Dauu Rakhi

What we like:

This one has an eco-friendly twist to it, and we love that! Made by the women artisans of Harijan Basti, these Rakhi’s are made out of cardboard box and come with decorations. The best part is that these Rakhi’s can be cherished and worn as bracelets long after the festival is over!

Shop at Nomad | Price: Rs. 680/-

3. Okhai ‘Amara’ Madhubani Paint Rakhi

Amara' Madhubani Paint Unique Rakhi's

What we like:

The intricate Madhubani art, the bright colours and the unique designs. From little fish to pretty peacocks, the ‘Amara’ Rakhi collection is vibrant and eye-catching.

Shop at Okhai | Price: Rs.250/-

4. Natural Jute Rakhi

Natural Jute Unique Rakhi's

What we like:

Earthy and beautiful, these Rakhi’s are made with Jute and sophisticated brass and is an all-time favourite. They are handmade by highly skilled artisans and the simple, hand-rolled yet intricate design is sure to blow you away.

Shop at Anand Prakash | Price: Rs.570/-

5. Okhai ‘Amara’ Floral Madhubani Paint Rakhi

Amara' Floral Madhubani Paint Unique Rakhi's

What we like:

Another Rakhi collection that highlights the beauty of Indian Folk Art. These Madhubani style Rakhi’s are pretty as a picture and colourful as the bond between siblings!

Shop at Okhai | Price: Rs. 250/-

6. Graceful Kundan Bali

Graceful Kundan Bali Unique Rakhi's

What we like:

The superior design and aesthetics! These designer Rakhi’s are sure to tell your siblings exactly how much you love them.

Shop at My Pooja Box | Price: Rs.299/-

7. Chand Silver Rakhi

Chand Silver Unique Rakhi's

What we like

Handcrafted, limited edition, Silver Rakhi’s that showcase the the long-lost art of Pattra work. This Rakhi set is another one that is perfect for sending via post to the sibling who can’t make home this festival and you can add a personalised message as well. They serve as a symbol of the festival and also as bespoke jewelry that can be worn in many different ways.

Shop at Nomad | Price: Rs. 1600/-

8. Okhai ‘Amara’ Yellow Madhubani Paint Rakhi

'Amara' Yellow Madhubani Paint Unique Rakhi's

What we like

Highlights the Madhubani style of India Folk art through quirky designs. The perfect Rakhi for fun-loving siblings!

Shop at Okhai | Price: Rs. 250/-

9. Stunning Leafy Rakhi

Stunning Leafy Rakhi

What we like:

Yet another designer Rakhi that brings to front a gorgeous Green, leafy motif. It’s cute, petite and wonderfully symbolises the ever growing bond between siblings.

Shop at The Pooja Box | Price: Rs.349/-

10. Peacock and Meena Rakhi

Peacock and Meena Unique Rakhi's

What we like:

Like Peacocks, these Rakhi’s are a symbol of pride and beauty. This set of five peacock Rakhis has polished metal centrepieces that have peacocks showing their various plumes. They are tied with bright multi-coloured yarn entwined with Golden Zari.

Shop at IGP.com | Price: Rs.545/-

11. Kundan Rakhi set with Premium Dragees

Kundan Rakhi set with Premium Dragees Unique Rakhi's

What we like:

Rakhi’s with twin Kundan stones that also comes with a sweet surprise. The design is intricate and beautiful and the premium Dragees that come along with this are curated to match the colour scheme of pink Strawberry and Green Pista Kulfi flavoured coated sweets. The Rakhi’s also includes a Roli-Chawal pouch.

Shop at IGP.com | Price: Rs. 745/-

12. Evil Eye Rakhis with Premium Goodies Gift Box

Evil Eye Rakhis with Premium Goodies Gift Box Unique Rakhi's

What we like:

The promise of keeping each other protected is taken to another level with these evil eye themed, set of 2 Rakhi’s. It comes along with delicious Strawberry and Blueberry Dragees, Healthy seed mix and Premium Black Pepper Cashews in a traditionally styled keepsake lacquered gift box. Roli-Chawal pouch included.

Shop at IGP.com | Price: Rs. 1,475/-

13. Najjar Battu Rakhi

Najjar Battu Unique Rakhi's

What we like:

Quirky motifs and an innovative design, this Rakhi by Knot Me Cute is embroidered and inspired from Indian truck art showcasing the Najjarbattu. The Rakhi also has Ghungroos and a vibrant yellow thread attached.

Shop at Knot me cute | Price: Rs. 350/-

14. Chill bro Wooden Rakhi

Chill bro Wooden Rakhi

What we like:

For the “chilled out” bro in the family. This quirky Rakhi has a creative design theme and has a wooden base in the shape of a beer mug. It’s fun and will surely put a smile on your brother’s face.

Shop at The Mango People Shop | Price: Rs. 299/-

Cute Unique Rakhi’s for 8 to 12 year olds

15. Dolu Meethu Rakhi – Set of 4

Dolu Meethu Unique Rakhi's

What we like:

This brother-sister Rakhi set is adorable. It is packed in an eco-friendly cardboard box that has a few extra trinkets for adding some extra love. These bright and beautiful  threads are made by women artisans of the Harijan Basti and are the perfect mix of traditional and modern.

Shop at Nomad | Price: Rs. 1,580/-

16. Chota bhai Rakhi

Chota bhai Rakhi

What we like:

For all the younger brother’s in the family, this Rakhi is for the littlest one in the family! The Knots Me Cute Chota Bhai Rakhi is bright and beautiful, crafted with tiny little Ghungroos and a “Chota Bhai” design hand embroidered on top. The Rakhi design is inspired by Indian truck art and all the colours and motifs are embellished to sparkle!

Shop at Knot me cute | Price: Rs. 450/-

17. Among us Rakhi & Lumba

Among us Rakhi & Lumba Unique Rakhi's

What we like:

These Among Us themed Rakhi’s are going to be super popular with the kids. They are so innovative and creative and they can be used as decorations around the room or as a brooch as well. The Rakhi & Lumba are sold individually. The best part, all the proceeds from the sale will be donated to charity.

Shop at The Cottontail Company | Price: Rs. 200/-

18. Doughnuts Rakhis with Matching coaster set

Doughnuts Rakhis

What we like:

A sweet Rakhi for the sweet sibling. “Do-Nut” doubt the fact that these doughnut Rakhi’s are going to be a popular pick this year for the celebrations. They have a slap band which is great because it can be paired with cute outfits through the year. The Rakhi’s set also includes 4  matching coasters and a Roli-Chawal pouch.

Shop at IGP.com | Price: Rs.795/-

19. Hogwarts Express Rakhi

Hogwarts Express Rakhi

What we like: 

For the sibling that loves anything to do with Harry Potter, these hand embroidered Rakhi’s from the Hogwarts Express series are super cute and made with magical creativity. The best part, all proceeds from the sale of these Rakhi’s will be donated to charity.

Shop at The Cottontails Company | Price: Rs.250/-

20. Adorable Kids Cat Cartoon Character Rakhi

Adorable Kids Cat Cartoon Character Rakhi

What we like:

MEO-WOW! This goofy little cat themed Rakhi is handmade and is definitely as cute as the sibling you’ll be tying it on.

Shop at iJewels | Price: Rs. 299/-

21. PS Bro Rakhi

PS Bro Rakhi

What we like: 

If your brother is a gamer, then get your game face on and get him this play station themed Rakhi. The metal base and the quirky design makes this one a keeper!

Shop at bigsmall.in | Price: Rs. 350/-

22. Cricket Bro Rakhi

Cricket Bro Rakhi

What we like:

HOWZZAT Brother?! If your bro is a cricket fan, then this one’s for him! The cricket themed Rakhi has a brass sheet embellishment that showcases the iconic bat and Red ball. What a great way to commemorate the times spent on and off the playing field, right!

Shop from bigsmall.in | Price: Rs. 350/-

23. Yoda Rakhi Gift Set

Yoda Rakhi Gift Set

What we like: 

Protect you everyday, I will! This Yoda Rakhi gift set is for the wise one. It contains a cute Baby Yoda action figure and Baby Bro Yoda Rakhi. The Rakhi comes with a metal sheet embellishment in the shape of the Baby Yoda drinking his juice!

Shop at bigsmall.in | Price: Rs. 350/-

24. Do it yourself Kit

Do it yourself Kit

What we like:

DIY all the way! This Rakhi kit is super innovative. It has a beautiful bio-degradable Rakhi with a little pom-pom. And if you’re looking for unique, then this fit the bill because these Rakhi’s contain seeds, so once the festivities are over, all you have to do is plant them, water them, and they will blossom quite like the ever-growing ever-loving relationship between siblings.

Shop at Seed Rakhi | Price: Rs.299/-

25. Clay Rakhi with Seeds

Clay Rakhi with Seeds Unique Rakhi's

What we like:

Don’t delay it, CLAY it! The specially designed kit has 5 Rakhis that come in airplane, car, butterfly, heart and leaf shapes. The clay in the Rakhi contains  seeds which you can plant and grow later.

Shop at Mango People Shop | Price: Rs.650/-

Novel Rakhi’s For toddlers up to 7 years

26. Food miniature Rakhis

Food miniature Rakhis

What we like: Your sibling is your favourite partner and these miniature food themed Rakhi’s are just delicious! The perfect symbol for a crunch-tastic friendship, this Lay’s chips Rakhi is just what your little one needs to give to their sibling.

Shop at Exotic Gifts by Lehar | Price:  Whatsapp on 9899588807

27. Happy Henry Kids Rakhi

Happy Henry Kids Rakhi

What we like:

Adorable and cute, this Happy Henry Rakhi is going to be hit with your kids. The Rakhi is made with soft fabric and has a multi-coloured string packed on a screen printed card.

Shop at Gifts of Love | Price: Rs. 200/-

28. Kids Green Thread Rakhi

Kids Green Thread Rakhi

What we like:

Bright threads and a unique design makes this Rakhi extra special. A wonderful symbol of love and togetherness.

Rakhi care tip: Remove the Jewellery before washing face & store in dry place away from humidity.

Shop at Fabindia | Price: Rs.390/-

29. Lumber Orange Thread Rakhi

Lumber Orange Thread Rakhi

What we like: 

Traditional culture can never go out of style, and this Rakhi embodies that and more. With it’s bright threads and eye-catching designs, it’s perfect for the one-of-a-kind sibling in your life.

Shop at Fabindia | Price: Rs.190/-

30. Stay Safe Bhai Wooden Rakhi

Stay Safe Bhai Wooden Rakhi

What we like:

Keeping up with current times, this “stay safe bhai” wooden Rakhi  is sure to bring a smile to your brother’s face…behind the mask of course 🙂

Shop at The Mango People Shop | Price: Rs.299/-

31. Jonathans Plane Kids Rakhi

Jonathans Plane Kids Rakhi

What we like:

To the exciting journey of life that siblings go on together, this cute fly away in Jonathan’s Plane Rakhi gives out all the happy vibes. The Rakhi has bright colours with Red and Blue ribbons and is packed on a screen printed card.

Shop at Gifts of Love | Price: Rs.250/-

32. Tremendous Theo Kids Rakhi

Tremendous Theo Kids Rakhi

What we like:

This Tremendous Theo kids Rakhi is sure to be a “ROARING” success this Raksha Bandhan. The Lion themed Rakhi is made of fabric and packed on a screen printed card.

Shop at Gifts of Love | Price: Rs.250/-

33. Peppa Pig Rakhi

Peppa Pig Rakhi

What we like: 

Every kid’s favourite little Piggy is now on a Rakhi! This Peppa Pig Rakhi is love all the way. Made with metal sheet embellishments it’s perfect for the celebrations.

Shop at bigsmall.in | Price: 350/-

34. Tucker Teddy Kids Rakhi

Tucker Teddy Kids Rakhi

What we like:

Tucker Teddy is ready to don the wrist this Raksha Bandhan in style. The Rakhi is packed on with a screen printed card and is just the right amount of cute and adorable!

Shop at Gifts of Love | Price: Rs.150/-

35. Adorable Kids Teddy Bear Rakhi

Adorable Kids Teddy Bear Rakhi

What we like:

Want something that your little one won’t hesitate to wear, try this teddy bear Rakhi! It’s as cute as little brother and exudes as much love and care.

Shop at iJewels | Price: Rs.299/-

36. Plantable Rakhi

Plantable Rakhi

What we like:

Last but not the least, this set of two plantable Rakhi is handcrafted from oak tree cork material, lead-free colours, cotton mauli thread, plantable basil seeds, grains and recycled paper. Each Rakhi is handcrafted and hand-painted by local artisans of Varanasi and is part of an initiative that tries to make every festival as sustainable as possible. These Rakhi’s don’t just celebrate the love between siblings but they celebrate the environment as well. After the festivities are over, you can plant them in 2-3 inches deep in soil and wait for a plant to grow! The Rakhi set also comes with plastic-free roli/chawal packaging.

Shop at The Nestery | Price: Rs.495/-

So, parents, go on take your pick and make this Raksha Bandhan truly special for the little ones. Let the celebrations be as unique as the bond between siblings.

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