11 Unique Gifting Ideas for kids this Christmas Season from Dottedi

11 Unique Gifting Ideas for kids this Christmas Season from Dottedi Cover Image

From Santa tins to elve sacks, aquatic creature money bins to baubles that will spruce up your tree, this list of gifts from Dottedi are perfect for kids everywhere!

Christmas gift ideas on your mind, folks? We know that the sheer variety of items out there can be overwhelming, so we did something cool. We’ve put together this curated list of 10 unique gifting ideas from Dottedi which will be perfect for the whole family! Whether it’s kids or adults on your radar, Dottedi Gifting solutions has something for everyone. You’re going to love this list because it has a little bit of everything that’s associated with the festive season.

BuzzingBubs recommends these two highly!

The Money Box and the Travel Kit.

Christmas gifts for kids just got way better and way more interesting this year. Hurry and place your orders now, so they will reach in time for the 25th! We wish you a merry Christmas!

11 Unique gifting ideas this Christmas season!

1. DIY Christmas Ball

Do you think of yourselves as artists? Or maybe the kids like to swing a brush every now and then? This gift would be perfect then! Bring out the inner painter with this lovely Christmas ball, which you/your kids can paint on using simple water colours. Once done, it can go up on the tree as a lovely Christmas ornament. Or maybe, it can make for a return party favour. Now that’s cool!

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2. Christmas Cookie Jar

Sweet tooth enthusiasts in the house? Oh, this one’s ideal for them! Gift this adorably huggable Santa cookie jar and watch as the kids dig in with delight. Want to make it extra special? Order delicious Christmas cookies to go with the jar. This one’s a hit, for sure.

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3. Money Box

Are you trying to get your kids started on a money-saving habit? But how do you get kids excited about something as important as money? It’s for grown ups, right? Not when they have these adorable, porcelain figures to keep their private stash of pocket money or that Christmas cash from grandma! Each of these aquatic figurines also double up as delightful centre pieces for the kids’ study tables. You know you need to get these! Aren’t these some unique gifting ideas so far?

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4. The travel kit

Every child, without exception, likes to go on holiday. (So do adults, actually!) Getting kids to take care of their own items can be challenging, but now with the Travel Kit, things just got simpler. With colourful designs and multiple pouches for specific items, children can take care of their toothbrushes, passports and more. Getting them this is a wonderful way to build responsibility and take ownership for their things.

5. Santa Tins

Don’t miss the 3-in-1 Santa tin which you can fill up with cookies, gifts or any other item that spells Christmas. Grab some cookies and stock the tin. Have some ornaments lying about looking for a home? This tin will work great! Want to start a happiness jar for the new year? Use this to drop your daily gratitude notes. One tin and so many possibilities!

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6. Rectangular Snowman tray

Cookies and treats for the guests look so much better when served in this bright and cheerful tray with everything that spells Christmas. The red edge gives it that festive look while the snowman faces double up as handles. This is cuteness overloaded! You may have to coax your kids to share the tray with you.

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7. Snowman Kiddie Tin

Compact and cute pretty much sums up these lovely tins. Square in shape and with a depth of 2.5″ they are perfect for storing cookies and treats or even secret notes from friends. SSH! Don’t tell mom!

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8. Oval Santa Tray

Santa Claus has to be an integral part of the celebrations and what better than this oval-shaped, bright-red Santa tray? Place some nuts or hard candy in it and make your coffee table look inviting and appetising.

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9. Santa Sack

Move over, stockings. Gunny sacks are here! These are so wonderful in that they use soft, durable material that kids will love. Plus, filling it with a variety of goodies for a Christmas party is a sure-fire way to get kids excited about the festival. They come in small and large sizes, so you can choose what works for your kids.

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10. Find your inner Elf Sack

The inner Elf sack has a quirky pair of legs attached to the bottom! Watch as the kids unwrap the bag in glee and dig in to discover what you’ve filled the bag with. Let the celebrations come alive.

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11. 25th gunny sack

Kids can rarely hold their excitement when it comes to opening Christmas gifts, right? Here’s another one to add to the thrill. The aptly-labelled ‘Do not open before the 25th’ will have them pacing up and down, walking past the tree, waiting for it to strike midnight. What goodies will they find inside? Ah, they’ll just have to be patient, now won’t they?

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