TROY Wooden Building Blocks – laying the foundation for future learning for kids!

TROY Wooden Building Blocks – laying the foundation for future learning for kids! Cover Image

TROY is all about the unique ‘unit block concept’, where kids get to interact, play and learn through wooden building blocks. What’s more, apart from helping kids become more creative, TROY building blocks help lay the foundation for their future learning and areas of development. Curious? Read on!

Why block play is important for kids?

Kids are born curious and as they grow, this curiosity only develops further. This is one of the reasons why the first few years of a child plays a very important role in laying the foundation for their future learning. 

Of the many things that fosters this journey, building blocks and block play a major role. This concept of interactive play allows children to be creative, explore the physical world, build on skills like math, problem-solving, social development and is a great medium through which they can develop physical dexterity and good health. 

Advantages of playing with blocks

Troy Wooden Building Blocks

There are many benefits that children can gain through block play and building blocks. From developing a great imagination and problem-solving skills to offering them an avenue to express themselves and strengthen important concepts like Mathematics & Science, block play does it all.

In fact, parents, did you know that the more your little ones play with building blocks the more they get to enhance their self-esteem, creative and social & emotional growth. And this is where TROY Building Blocks comes in!

Why is TROY Building Blocks a must for kids?

TROY specialises in the unit block concept and provides kids with interactive play, precise standard unit wooden blocks that are both safe and durable and this venture is a part of the 10K Women’s Program by Goldman Sachs at IIM Bangalore.

Their unique offering includes the TROY Ultimate Construction Set comprising naturally finished 62 blocks of 11 different shapes. This set is designed to engage with your kids’ lively and curious minds along with helping them develop & learn skills across domains. In fact, the 62-block set has enough pieces to create a structure that can go up to 7 feet high – amazing right! 

What’s more, the wooden blocks are not mass manufactured, and several occupational therapists and child development professionals have verified that TROY Blocks helps children to improve their attention span because they are versatile and open ended in nature.

And the best part, if you worry about your kids growing out of their toys, with TROY blocks, you won’t have to fret anymore! Since the TROY wooden building blocks are age agnostic in comparison to other readymade toys in the market, they retain their attraction and novelty for a longer period of time with the little ones. 

The TROY Building Blocks experience!

The TROY Building Blocks are made with unpainted, smoothly sanded Pine wood that are kid-friendly with soft edges and are of absolute precision in size. As they are made of solid wood, these building blocks are durable and unlike any other toy available in the market that break easily. Additionally, the TROY blocks are hand-made in India and are crafted in a way that its absolutely fine for little hands to handle and even if your kids decide to be a little adventurous and put them in their mouths, they are perfectly safe. 

The TROY wooden blocks are built to nurture your child’s imagination and they help in the sensory integration process in children. And to make it even more convenient for parents, you can either purchase them or rent them out.

This concept of renting is new and available on a trial basis, where you can either bring your kids to any of their centres so they can play freely with the blocks, or order the set at home for a few days, after which you can either return it or buy it.

Build your child’s confidence with TROY building blocks!

Moms & dads – now you know just how important it is for kids to play with building blocks, they do wonders for their overall growth and development and not to mention, the fun of it all. Block play is a language by itself that kids use to convey and express many things and they are a right source of delight for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Blocks make kids think, evaluate, find balance, become more creative and more…so, don’t think twice, try TROY now!

And if you have any queries regarding renting or buying the TROY blocks, all you need to do is call Farah at +91-9901540581 or visit the TROY website for more information. 

This is a sponsored article written in collaboration with the brand.

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