10 must-have accessories while traveling with kids

10 must-have accessories while traveling with kids Cover Image

Travel accessories for an infant will vary from that of a toddler or a tween. However, here are 10 essential items which are must-have accessories on any trip.

The part that most parents find difficult while traveling with kids is what to pack for them since the packing requirement is different for each age group. So the travel accessories for an infant will vary from that of a toddler or a tween. However,here are 10 essential items which are must-have accessories when your traveling with kids.

1. Medicines

This is the most important thing to pack. I am sure nobody wants to run from one medical store to another in search of medicines with a sick child in tow during a trip. Medicines for common problems like fever, cold, dysentery, and cough along with a digital thermometer, antiseptic lotions and band-aids should be packed in a small medicine pouch and carried along. If your child suffers from any chronic illness make sure you pack his particular medicine. This would save you time and the trouble of looking for a medical centre in an emergency.

2. Milk

We Indians love to feed our kids their daily glass of milk even on vacation. Therefore it is advisable to carry tetra packs of milk so that you do not miss out. Tetra packs are convenient even on trains, buses and flights. We do get milk in hotels however I personally prefer to carry my own pack. Take the small cartons of milk instead of the one-litre packs. For infants it’s better if you carry formula milk even if your child is breastfed. Often, during trips it could get embarrassing to feed in full public view and that’s when formula milk comes to the rescue.

3. Wet Wipes

Kids are generally messy. They mess up while eating or playing. Wet wipes are the best thing to hygienically clean a child instead of looking for water in an unfamiliar location.

4. Sanitizer

After wet wipes this is another important item that helps you maintain the hygiene of your child even on a trip. Kids have this tendency to put hands in their mouths without caring about germs. It’s better to use a sanitizer at frequent intervals to clean their hands. It should also be used before and after meals and after using the restroom.

5. Blankets

Some kids may have a favourite blanket without which they refuse to sleep. Even if they don’t have any favourites, do carry a small blanket. Often, the air-conditioning in aircrafts and trains can make it chilly and uncomfortable for kids to fall asleep. A blanket provides them the warmth and cosiness required. Some parents may not want their child to use the common blankets in hotels/ aircrafts/trains due to hygiene issues.

6. Portable Pillows

A child needs more rest than an adult. Nothing is more agonising than a tired, sleepy and cranky kid. It’s considered better to put the child to sleep as per the schedule he/she follows at home. Kids often get hyperactive during travel and don’t want to doze off easily. Apart from this, it is also difficult for them to sleep inside aircrafts or buses or cars. Thus, portable pillows to rest their heads often provide them the much-needed comfort and help them fall asleep.

7. Toys and Games

Kids of all ages love to play. If travelling with infants, carry their teethers, rattlers and squeaky toys. For toddlers, carry their dolls and cars and if the kid is a little bigger, board games would be a saviour on a trip. Board games keep the kids engaged for a long time. You can also play along with them. For the age group of 7-12 years, load your smartphones/ipads/tablets with games to keep them occupied.

8. Music

This is a great time to play them their favourite songs and let them enjoy it, as kids often get bored during a long journey. Soothing music is the best means to comfort an infant or toddler. So, before you start your trip ensure your Smartphone/iPod/ tablet has the kids’ preferred music accessible. Even for slightly older kids, music can keep them entertained when they get bored. Hey, we’ve even put together this list of Nursery Rhymes for you as a handy reference.

9. Clothes for different seasons

We often pack our clothes according to the season and destination. However I would suggest that for kids, always pack a variety of clothes. You never know when the seasons can change. Often even in a cold place the days are hot when the child may feel more comfortable in summer wear. Always carry raincoats as rains can come without notice.

10. Snacks

Always let the child munch on something. Often this proves as a boredom killer. For infants, a pacifier can substitute as they would keep sucking on it. Our brain stays busy when we suck or chew something. Ignore the calories and try to keep a stock of healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, dry fruits, chiwda, khakras, and the like to keep them busy and hunger free.

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