15 Family Movies to watch together in 2019

15 Family Movies to watch together in 2019 Cover Image

Do you look forward to catching the latest flicks with your family? We have made a list of all the new releases in 2019 to keep you up-to-date! See you at the movies!

An afternoon at the movies is a relaxing way to spend time with your children. With the barrage of new releases every week, it can get difficult to keep up with the list of new animated movies. Here’s a handy list of 15 children’s movies to expect in 2019! Look through and keep up with the new animated movies, so you won’t miss any of the fun!

Here are top 15 Family Movies of 2019 that you must watch. Check it out!

1. The Kid Who Would be King

This action and adventure movie features a kid who thinks he’s a nobody until he chances upon a mythical sword. He unites a group of kids to take on the wicked enchantress. Will he become the greatest leader he never knew he could be? Watch and find out!

Released: January 25, 2019

2. Lego Movie 2

For 5 years things have been great, but the citizens of Bricksburg are now facing a threat from the Lego Duplo invaders from outer space. Join Emmet as he teams up with Rex Dangervest, an intergalactic hero for a rescue mission to save the beloved city.

Releasing: February 8, 2019

3. How to Train Your Dragon – The Hidden World

Hiccup and Toothless have to leave their home to journey to “The Hidden World” that is believed to be a myth. They have to fight together to protect everything they treasure. What happens next? You will have to wait to find out!

Releasing: February 22, 2019

4. Wonder Park

June, a wildly creative girl has an imaginary amusement park that she had created in her mind. One day, she stumbles upon an old rollercoaster car and her whole imaginary amusement park magically comes to life.

Releasing: March 15, 2019

5. Dumbo

Remember the beloved elephant with unusually long ears that help him fly? Watch Dumbo and his friends discover the dark secrets of Dreamland, the larger-than-life entertainment venture.

Releasing: March 29, 2019

6. Pokemon Detective Pikachu

A boy and Detective Pikachu join forces to unravel the mystery of his missing father. In a world where humans and Pokemons live in peaceful coexistence, what they discover could potentially destroy their land.

Releasing: May 10, 2019

7. Aladdin

This remake of the popular 1992 Disney animation, is about a street boy who frees a genie from a lamp. He grants him three wishes to transform him into an eligible prince to marry the beautiful Princess Jasmine. But what happens when an evil sorcerer wants to secure the lamp for his own sinister needs?

Releasing: May 24, 2019

8. Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

Shaun the Sheep meets an alien who crash-lands near Mossy Bottom Farm and now he is determined to shepherd this visitor home before a sinister organisation captures her.

Releasing: April 5, 2019

9. The Secret Life of Pets 2

What do our pets do when we leave home for work or school every day? You will have to wait and find out in this much awaited sequel.

Releasing: June 7, 2019

10. Toy Story 4

A new toy called Forky joins the beloved Woody and his gang of toys. They embark on a road trip that reveals how big the world really is for a toy!

Releasing: June 21, 2019

11. The Lion King

This remake of the 1994 Disney classic is about an exiled lion cub who has to grow up and fight his uncle for the throne of Pride Rock. A story of tragedy, betrayal and high drama, this classic already has a firm place in our hearts.

Releasing: July 19, 2019

12. UglyDolls

An animation about free-spirited ugly dolls, this story teaches us to confront differences. Watch these ugly dolls struggle with their desire to be loved and ultimately realise that what matters most is who you really are.

Releasing: May 3, 2019

13. Captain Marvel

What happens when Earth is caught between two alien races in a galactic war? Wait for the new movie by Marvel Studios to find out!

Releasing: March 8, 2019

14. Frozen 2

The first one is tightly sealed in your heart and memories. While you’re still humming “let it go”, the much awaited sequel is releasing later this year! What is the ancient mystery that they uncover in this movie?

Releasing: November 22, 2019

Frozen 2 Poster

Image Courtesy: SmoothRadio

15. Star Wars: Episode IX

This much-awaited movie will be the finale of the epic space Skywalker saga! These movies have entertained us for decades! Can’t hardly wait for the final episode! Until then…”may the force be with you!”

Releasing: December 20, 2019

Image Courtesy: IMDb

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