Top 5 right brain activities for kids which are extremely educational yet fun

Top 5 right brain activities for kids which are extremely educational yet fun Cover Image

We all know that our brain is divided into the left and the right side, with each side responsible for certain areas of development. When it comes to the right brain, it’s one fun journey as it looks after creativity, long-term memory, emotions and more.

When it comes to kids, developing and strengthening the right brain through engaging activities at an early age is very important. It not only helps to improve fast learning but it builds photographic memory in children as well. In this article, you will find top 5 right brain activities that you can do with your kids that are easy, effective and fun. Read on to know more.

It is very important to know how the brain of our kids function as 90% of the growth of a child’s brain takes place between the age of 0-6. In today’s era, the importance of early childhood education has increased since we know that the first five years of a child’s life forms foundation for the rest.

The brain is divided into two parts and both the parts have different functions

Left brain is in charge of and does the following things:

  1. Logical reasoning
  2. Language
  3. Short term memory
  4. Limited storage of information
  5. Works under stress
  6. Requires focus

Right brain is in charge of and does the following things:

  1. Emotions
  2. Creativity
  3. Long term memory
  4. Stores unlimited information
  5. Rapid processing of information
  6. Works when relaxed
  7. Likes play and movements

So let us now get into the Top 5 Right Brain Activities for your child

1. Memory game

  • Make your child sit in front of you, facing you.
  • Place 5 pictures in front of your child in a row for 5 seconds. Ask the child to remember the pictures from left to right (you can help them by repeating the names with them).
  • Now take the cards away from your child’s eye sight.
  • Now ask your child to name the pictures in the same sequence from left to right.

2. Who’s the guest

  • Take 3 picture cards in your hand. You can choose same category of pictures like farm animals, solar system etc.
  • Show each card one after the other to the child for approximately 1 second.
  • Now take the cards away from your child’s eyesight and introduce the 4th card.
  • Place all 4 cards in front of you and ask the child to choose the guest picture (the picture which wasn’t shown earlier).
  • You can start with 3 cards and eventually add more cards.

3. Trace it

It is important to strengthen the connections that are getting formed in the brain, here’s a quick activity to strengthen the connection between left brain and right brain.

  • Take a sheet of paper and sketch pens.
  • Draw structure on the right-hand side (dominant hand of the child) 
  • Give a sketch pen to your child and ask the child to draw mirror image on the other side using non dominant hand. Set the complexity according to the child’s age.

4. Flash cards

We find different flash cards (picture cards) in the market so now let’s understand how to use them to learn through the right brain. 

  • Flash cards are nothing but picture cards of same categories like farm animals, birds, flags and periodic table elements among others that are printed on a thick paper.
  • Start the activity by asking your child to sit in front of you, facing you.
  • Take a stack of one category of the flash cards in your hand and hold the stack facing your child.
  • Now flash each picture to the child at a speed of one card per second so 5 cards will take 5 seconds to flash. This triggers photography memory of the child which eventually helps in fast learning.

5. Linking memory 

The right brain is also about creativity, so let’s tickle the child’s creative brain by telling them creative stories and training their memory muscles.

  • Use different pictures and toys and place them in front of your child.
  • Create a story using these unrelated items. It doesn’t have to be logical, make it magical.
  • Now take away the pictures and toys.
  • Ask the child using the story to remember and tell the sequence of pictures and toys.

One thing we must have observed here is all the activities are fast, this is the right brain way of learning.

So enjoy these activities with your children.

Featured image Credit: Freepik

Authors Bio: Tejasa Potnis

Tejasa loves children and has been running a preschool in Pune for almost 10 years. An entrepreneur, a mother and an avid learner in the field of neuroscience and early childhood education believes in the Bill Gates quote ‘ The first five years of a child’s life have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out’. She has created an online learning program which has age specific activities for child’s holistic development. She along with her husband also creates an awareness about conscious parenting.

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