Top 10 healthy foods for children during the monsoons

Top 10 healthy foods for children during the monsoons Cover Image

Do you want to know how to increase your child’s immunity this monsoon season? This article will give you all the food tips you can include in their diet to keep them happy and healthy! Read on for the details.

Monsoon is undoubtedly the most awaited season of the year but the likelihood of your child getting allergies and infections tends to escalate when it starts pouring. During the rains your immunity levels go down as the microorganisms have enough moisture to cultivate and therefore, you become more prone to maladies. Children being carefree are certainly more exposed to health issues during this season. In this article, you’ll go through healthy and nutritious foods for kids which when consumed will surely boost their immunity and refine their health. To keep them in the pink of health, powerful antioxidants rich in Vitamin C are desirable. Ensuring your child is constantly staying hydrated at all times, consuming green leafy vegetables and loading up daily on nuts and seeds are some preventive measures that parents can take.

Here are 10 healthy monsoon foods for children

1. Turmeric

This is an exceptional immunity-boosting spice which should be included in your child’s daily diet. Turmeric’s active component ‘curcumin’ makes it a powerful antioxidant. Ensure you are giving your child a pinch of turmeric in a glass of lukewarm water first thing when they get up in the morning and also add a pinch of it in milk before putting them off to bed at night. This will help in building a sturdy immunity.

2. Dairy products

Smoothies, milkshakes, and fruit yogurt will help in breaking the monotony for the kids and enhance their immunity as well. Another essential dairy product which must be a part of your child’s diet is curd which is considered to be the best cure in ailments like jaundice and hepatitis since it aids indigestion. Apart from this, curd also helps in averting gastro issues.

3. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are packed with Vitamin D and rich antioxidants which play a prime role in immunity building. To make it all the more interesting for children, parents, you can consider including them in sandwiches, soups, eggs, or healthy pasta dishes.

4. Protein-rich foods

Ensure your child is being fed meat and fish either in the form of soups or curries as these are a rich source of protein. Not only does our body require this vital nutrient to build and heal its tissues, but it also has an important role to play in enhancing white blood cells that are accountable for combating infections. Vegetarians can opt for protein-rich edibles like dal and cottage cheese.

5. Edibles rich in Vitamin C

Veggies and fruits like Cherries, Oranges, Lemons, Peaches, and Guavas have an abundance of Vitamin C in them. These comprise phytonutrients which are essential to combat harmful bacteria and infections.

6. Dry fruits, nuts, and seeds are a must

Dry fruits like Almonds, Walnuts, Raisins, and Dates are exceptional sources of essential vitamins and antioxidants. Along with being rich in proteins, these are also sources of good fats which facilitate in safeguarding your child’s energy levels at all times.

7. Garlic must be a part of their diet

Garlic is a food that is said to have profound health benefits. When crushed, cloves of garlic tend to emit a number of Sulphur compounds which are accountable for its health advantages. As far as monsoon infections are concerned, it has been researched that garlic is very beneficial in treating allergies like the common cold and flu. Additionally, Garlic also helps in advancing bone health, particularly for growing children.

8. Ginger should never be missed out

Ginger is a spice that has a multitude of healing advantages, to an extent that it is considered a must-have during the rainy season. Ginger has vital compounds like Gingerol and Shagol, which directly help in tackling flu, increased body temperature, body pains, and throat discomfort.

9. Beat monsoon illness through beetroots

It is very common for kids to undergo a slump during the rainy season. Parents can deal with this situation by boosting their energy levels by incorporating Beetroot in their diets either in the raw or cooked form. This vegetable comprises inorganic nitrates, which have health benefits like refining activity. Beetroots also have Betalains which help battle against inflammation. Further more, it is rich in dietary fibers and helps avert constipation, indirectly reviving an inactive digestive system in kids.

10. Ghee, a miracle food

If you have been scouting for a single way to add calories to your child’s diet while also ensuring that he or she receives all the essential nutrients and stays guarded against infections, then you should definitely consider adding ghee or clarified butter to the diet. This is highly suggested for the rains since it encourages enhanced digestion and stimulates an overall feeling of well-being all through the damp weather.

Browse through the above-mentioned nourishing nutrients to ensure that you are making monsoon fun and interesting for your kids by keeping them healthy, sheltered, and energised.

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