Top 10 Birthday Party Games for kids

Top 10  Birthday Party Games for kids Cover Image

Planning a birthday party? Then you must have games! Yes, get creative and use these 10 simple ideas to make your party memorable.

Party games are the main attraction at any kids’ party, and with the following simple ideas for birthday party games, you won’t need too much inspiration to keep the kids engaged.

1. Treasure hunt

Hide small chits of paper in a closed room and guide your children through the hunt by signalling ‘hot’ when a child is near a chit and ‘cold’ when he is not in the vicinity of any. The kid to find the highest number of chits would win. Don’t forget to time the game!

2. Musical chairs

This is an evergreen game. Arrange 5 to 10 chairs, alternately facing opposite walls. Make the children run around the chair arrangement while the music plays. They have to sit on a chair when it stops; the last child sitting wins. *This game may need slightly older kids in order to play, ideally six years and above.

3. Find the Island/continent


Place a table in each corner of the party room. Set 4 signboards atop each table; write the name of a river, a country, an ocean or a landmark on each signboard. Ask the children to run to the appropriate table when the name of the river/country/ocean/landmark is read. This will keep them busy for a good 15 minutes.

4. Drop in the bucket

Place a small bowl at the bottom center of a bucket, almost half filled with water. Ask your kids to aim 10 to 15 coins in the bowl, one at a time. Give points accordingly.

5. Face painting


This is a fun activity for both kids and their parents (organic face paint can be easily and inexpensively made with food colouring and corn flour). Give each kid a few shades of colour, and ask them to paint their guardian’s face. Note of caution: Please be very careful of the paint you buy. Also do ask around to see if any of the kids have any allergies before you start.

6. Dress up


Dump different types of clothing items in a pile. Play some music, and when you stop it, yell out the name of a piece of clothing. Example, when you say “tie”, all kids have to find a tie from the pile and wear it. Repeat till all kids appear to be dressed.

7. Balloon burst


Give a balloon to each kid and ask them to burst them by sitting on them. Before you start do remember to throw a soft mat or carpet under the balloons.

8. Pin the punctuation

Paste a big signboard on a wall, reading “ITS”. Blindfold one kid at a time, and ask him to try to stick/pin a apostrophe between “T” and “S”. There is also a famous alternative to this game called ‘Pin the Donkey’.

9. Musical statue

Ask your kids to dance while the music plays and freeze in their respective positions when it stops. Those who break their “statue” will have to sit out till the game completes. You could keep the game going by adding ‘Simon Says’ to add a little more fun and excitement to the game.

10. Mirror charades

Divide all invitees into groups of three. Ask two kids in a group to stand facing each other, and the third should stand in between, facing any one of the two. Whisper the name of a movie/song/phrase/proverb/rhyme into that kid’s ear who does not face the kid standing in between and ask him to enact it. The kid standing at the other end should mirror his actions, while the one standing in between has to guess the charade.


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