To my child – Another collection of poems

To my child – Another collection of poems Cover Image

What is it about children that makes us thank them for the life lessons they teach us? Their innocence, their ability to forgive instantly and the love that surpasses it all.

Children bring out the best in us, as parents and as human beings. Sejal, in this second collection of poems, expresses her gratitude and love for her kids.


Special is the sun at dusk and at dawn
Special is a hug when you’re feeling forlorn,
Special is a face wearing the biggest of smiles
Special is a person for whom you’d travel thousands of miles,
Special is a song that takes you back in time
Special is a child’s first nursery rhyme,
Special is giving a helping hand
Special is the tingling of toes, amongst their first grains of sand,
Special are the wonders of our incredible planet Earth
Special is the moment that a mother gives birth,
Special is the smell of your mummy’s home cooking
Special is a discovery, when you didn’t know you were looking,
Special is the morning’s glistening dew
And the most special thing of all, is that there is only one of you.


The gentlest of souls
The merriest of beings
Your very existence
Makes my person ten times better,
The sweet sound of your voice
The bright spark in your eyes
The warmth you invoke,
I can’t put down in this letter,
Please stay as you are
Light up rooms with your laughter
Detract pain with your love
Live happily ever after,
Take care of your self
Experience and feel joy
Be always so thoughtful
And in winter wear your sweater!
Hold hands with good fortune
Sleep under the stars
Be the best you can be
And, for the rapture you bring me,
My angel, I am your debtor.


Will you always look at me
Through such big and innocent eyes?
Will your voice remain this sweet
And will you never tell me lies?

Will you turn to me for everything
Even if I’m far away?
Is that soul of yours so gentle
Here with you to stay?

Will I always be your bestest friend
Whilst others come and go?
Will you embrace me with such warmth
As your mind and body grow?

To these questions, I have no answers
Time will tell, the saying goes,
Though this special bond between us
You and I shall always know.

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