To my child – A collection of poems

To my child – A collection of poems Cover Image

Little kids are made of dreams and cuddles and all things cozy. Sejal shares these beautiful poems to her child and they’ll touch your heart.

In this collection of poems, one mother touches upon her wish for her child, the warmth of a teddybear and the love that encloses them in a beautiful ball.



Dream, dear child
My mother always said
Dream big, dream small,
Dream sideways
Of galaxies, planets and distant stars,
Of mountains and of lands afar
Of medals, arenas music-filled,
Of winning trophies, playing stadiums,
Being highly skilled
Of theatre, travelling, having a family,
Of becoming whomever you choose to be
Dream of pixie dust, of fairy queens,
Of wonderlands and magical scenes
Dream round and round
Dream upside down
Just don’t forget to dream…


Dear Teddy

Dear teddy, now that in our bed we lay
Let me tell you a little about my day,
I woke this morning at half past six
Brushed my teeth and ate my Weetabix;

Then after putting on my uniform
I ran to the bus stop through a storm,
I got to school soaked from head to toe
And then began the real show;

Adam told me that out of the blue
Last night he met a dinosaur, it’s true!
And Catherine has a brand new pet
A hippopotamus that her Dad did get!

At break time I was Captain Stronghold
And with my crew we searched for gold
Under benches, amongst the hula hoops
Into the playground, I led my troops;

Then after lunch we played “I spy”
And I chose yo-yo beginning with “Y”
In the afternoon with friends I kicked a ball
But then rushed up as I had a fall;

My knee was cut and was bleeding so
I was sure that to the hospital I needed to go
But Mummy said, “don’t worry dear
It’s just a graze, there’s nothing to fear;”

I ate my supper and in the bath did play
And a storybook brought an end to my day
And so dear teddy I hope you see
It’s been a very busy day for me;

And now it must be the middle of the night
It’s time for me to say “sleep tight.”


To the moon and back

I love you, my darling, from head to toe
I love you, my darling, I want you to know
Through tantrums, misgivings and mealtime woes,
Through thick, through thin, through highs, through lows
My gentlest of souls, my brightest of sparks
I love you, my darling, through light and through dark,
So, as life takes you on its rollercoaster ride
Just know that I’ll be forever by your side
And though patience and calm I may sometimes lack
I love you, my darling, to the Moon and back.

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