An easy DIY craft for Halloween

An easy DIY craft for Halloween Cover Image

A not-so-scary Halloween DIY that you can make at home with your kids

Does Halloween spook you out? It needn’t! This super cute Halloween DIY is just what the doctor ordered. Make a set of bats that you can hang up around the house. It’s really simple and a child of 5 could do it!

Step by step instructions for Halloween DIY

1. Get all the things together, required to make the bat.


2. Take a thick black paper and double fold it. You can also use textured paper to give that special effect.


3. Using a pencil draw the shape of the bat wings.


4. Cut out the shape using a pair of scissors.


5. Once it is done, this is how it looks.


6. Now cut the wings from the middle.


7. Take one of the clothes peg and paint it black.


8. Make a small fold at ends of both wings and stick them to the peg.


9. Using the glue, stick the wings on the sides of the peg and secure it with the tape.


10. Here it is! All ready to squeak.


You can use these to hang as Halloween decoration.

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