Teacher’s Day: An educator looks back at lessons learnt

Teacher’s Day: An educator looks back at lessons learnt Cover Image

What makes a teacher? Is it her wealth of experience or the lessons she shares? An educator shares her story.

Teaching is not a profession;  it is a passion that we humans have in abundance. We are all teachers. We just teach in different ways. This Teacher’s Day, I’d like to share the lesson I learnt, growing up.

What we learn today is not to prove yesterday wrong but to make tomorrow better.

I was born in a middle class family. We had our share of good times and trying times. Lessons don’t come only from classrooms. Our experiences are the crucible from which we emerge, wiser and hopefully, more aware.

The good times were all cherished and celebrated and enjoyed and the trying times were taken as something which was part of life and we moved on without giving much importance. Life slowly became simpler. Or it’s more likely that we developed mechanisms to cope with challenges.

Teaching through experiences

While sitting in a pensive mood I introspect, I feel I am fortunate to be who I am. I remember Baba, my father, telling us stories about Bangladesh partition and how their big family of fourteen members had to leave everything behind and flee to India.

The family struggled to make both ends meet to survive and life was a constant toss up between need and want. These stories still stop me from wasting a single morsel of food. My grit and determination today can be traced back to the memories of those days.

Teaching through stories

Listening to the story of the thirsty crow from my teachers still stirs something deep within me. It is the feeling of sympathy and admiration for that crow. With each stone, the crow must have been more and more parched. Yet, he never gave up.

The water the crow drank after the hard work would have been the sweetest ever. This developed a strong understanding, that hard work always leads to success and there is no short cut to success.

Though my Ma never shared many stories, her non-interference gave me the space to explore different ideas and develop a strong sense of independence.

Today being in the field of education for many years now, I feel the choices I have made in life are all mine and I have no regrets. The courage and the confidence I have and which my students see are those that have developed over years of endurance.

On this Teacher’s day I would like to show my gratitude to all my teachers who have made a difference in my life. They have taught me perseverance, passion and commitment towards life and its journey.

As we grow old and meet many people, each one will teach us something. Learning is a process and learning never stops. Let us always be grateful for the teachers in our lives.

*Tamoshi Ghosh is the headmistress of Kunskapsskolan School in Bangalore. A version of this article appeared on her blog.

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