Taaqademy Early Years Online Music Program for Kids 3 to 6 years

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How can your child benefit from music in their early years? Have you ever wondered what type of instruments they should take up and is there more than just singing for them? Here’s an online music program for kids that covers all this and more! Read on.

Introducing Music to children in the right way in their early years is fundamental to the personality he or she develops later on. It allows children to leverage their natural in-born curiosity towards learning sounds & words and develop social skills and strengthen memory skills and a lot more. All this in a fun and joyful framework of Music!

Introduce your kids to music – start them young!

Taaqademy music school is here to light the spark of music in your kids with their Early Years Online Music Program. With over 10,000+ successful online streaming classes in the last few months, Taaqademy brings to you, special online music lessons for kids, through which the teachers can share the love for music with your young ones.

Ideal for children 6 years and below, this online program will introduce them to facets of music like rhythm, melody, tempo, types of instruments, music and emotions, songs and more. It will allow children to have fun with music and enjoy what comes naturally to them, so that when they are ready to pick an instrument and play, they enjoy the experience even more.

What is it all about?

Taaqademy Early Years Online Music Program focuses on two age groups – 3 to 4 years and 5 to 6 years. The classes are about enhancing musical concepts through song learning, storytelling, games and activities. The teachers deliver the class through interactive play-along sessions using the Ukulele, Guitar, Keyboard, Shakers and percussion instruments and of course with a lot of singing. During the program, your children will get to explore a wide range of instruments. This will also lead you to understand whether your child is more inclined towards melodic or rhythmic instruments.

What to expect?

In the early years music program, children will get to explore a variety of instruments through sounds as they work in groups, and perform together. The program is designed to deliver the experience of music while in parallel developing on their social skills, linguistic capabilities, self-confidence, and tuning their body and mind to work together, all this while enjoying and getting involved with music at the same time!

The program provides online guided sessions where the teachers mentor the children. The early years music program starts with a warm-up session involving songs and small musical performances by the teacher. Once the warm-up is done, the children are introduced to a musical concept, followed by storytelling, DIY instrument making and song learning. The session is then rounded up by fun activities where everyone gets to participate.

Know more about Taaqademy’s Early Years Online Music

Get to know more about Taaqademy Early Years Online Music Program here. For any further queries you can reach out to the Taaqademy team at +91-7676099000


Age: 3 to 5 yrs

Number of  Sessions: 16 sessions across one month | 40 minutes each

Batch Size: 4 students max | Morning/Evening batches

Learning Objectives: Voice exploration, Rhythm patterns, Music and Emotions, Song Learning, Storytelling through music, Tempo, Instrument making, Music and Emotions

Taaqademy Music Adventure

Age: 5 to 6 yrs

Number of  Sessions: 16 classes across 2 months | 50 minutes each

Batch Size: 6 students max | Morning/Evening batches

Learning Objectives: Voice exploration, Identifying Tempo in music, Rhythm patterns, Instrument making, Using body movements for musical expressions, Music and emotions.


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So, parents, it is time to put a song and tune in your children’s lives. If a wholesome musical experience is what you want for your child, register for the Taaqademy Early Years Online Music Program.

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