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The world has changed in many ways, but none so much as the role of the modern-day mother. Schonali talks about the various options available for working from home today.

Today’s mothers are unapologetic for their sense of self, their self-confidence, and their ability to choose the kind of life they want to lead after they have had children. For them, work from home is a concept that is now a conscious choice.

Their mothers either worked or didn’t, but almost every young mother today has enjoyed access to a full education and may hold at least one college degree. Most modern mums had a job for a while before they had children, where they probably did well and were steadily promoted through the ranks at whichever company they worked. And many, after motherhood crossed their threshold, chose to step away from that fast-paced world and slow it down intentionally – to enjoy the magic and wonder of watching their children grow, at home.

While there is immeasurable joy that comes from being at home with your children and giving them that security, warmth, and love that they can take for granted (and rightly so), for a woman who did pursue an education and a career at an earlier point in her life this scenario may not fill up ALL the hours in her day that she wants to fill.

Enter another remarkable development in the modern world – the work-from-home job role! JobsForHer lists a solid selection of these for Indian women who are on a career-break and want to return to work on their own terms, from the comfort of their homes.

Here are just SOME of the companies who list the following Work-from-Home roles on the JobsForHer portal:

1. Taffard Fabrics

Editor and designer of ultra-high end textiles for home furnishings, their fabrics are sought after by the world’s most discerning interior designers and architects for the most prominent hotels and private residences.

They’ve got 3 uber-attractive work-from-home roles for women who are on a career break and want to ease back in:

2. Hemogenomics Pvt. Ltd.

Leader in Blood Safety in India who provide molecular screening of blood for HIV and Hepatitis. Hemogenomics tests over half a million blood units annually before transfusions, preventing infections to patients. They are entering the fields of Cervical Cancer Screening (HPV), Liquid Based Cytology, UTI, and Cancer Therapy.

They’ve got a stimulating work-from-home role for women who want to remain stay-at-home mums and keep their minds occupied and engaged for a few hours a day that they’ve got free!

Interns or Researchers

3. Reach Ivy Education

A premium admissions consultancy that helps aspiring students get accepted into top-ranked educational institutions globally.

They’ve got 2 exciting work-from-home roles for women who want to work out of the comfort of their homes:

4. Rang De

The motivation for starting Rang De was the belief that the peer-to-peer lending model could be leveraged to lower the cost of microcredit. They are a non-profit organisation who strongly believes that they are on a mission and can’t afford to lose focus. Their single-minded intention is that their borrowers pay interest rates that are fair and that their social investors get to make a meaningful difference to other people’s lives.

If you have experience and skills in Digital Marketing, SEM, Consulting, Content Writing, Editing, Journalism, Marketing, Advertising, MR, or Media Planning, then you should apply to their Leadership Role and enjoy the perks of working-from-home!

5. Flatheels

A career services firm for women professionals who want to enhance their careers through branding & positioning. They connect ambitious Women Professionals with the right people, and the right companies, for the right positions, at the right time!

They have 3 positions in a work-from-home capacity that a stay-at-home mom could thoroughly enjoy executing:

6. BigBrandBox

An online store for women to find latest products for their household work, which make their life rich, easy, and resourceful. BigBrandBox is a household name with women shoppers who believe in easing their day-to-day activities, enhancing their unique skills & enriching their lifestyle for all household activities.

They have a Social Media Marketing work-from-home role for women who enjoy spending time online and can translate their enthusiasm into revenue-generation – for company and self!

7. CueMath

A sophisticated after-school Maths learning program for students from grades LKG through 8, designed by math, education and technology graduates from IIT, IIM, Stanford, Cambridge and Harvard. Cuemath is the only program that makes every aspect of learning maths engaging and comprehensive by using math worksheets and application-based technology, under the supervision of trained and certified teachers.

They’ve got a fantastic work-from-home role of Independent Teacher for stay-at-home mums who are passionate about math and teaching it to kids in a fun and engaging manner. You do get trained too – it’s a win-win!

8. Shenomics

A Mindful Leadership platform empowering women to live and lead from within. Shenomics offers practical tools, guidance, and inspiration to accelerate women’s professional development by helping them hone the skills they need to shine as professionals and leaders, while supporting the inner work they need to live with purpose and passion.

They have 2 work-from-home roles for stay-at-home mums who also feel passionately about accelerating women’s career development and inner strength:

In our experience, the best and easiest way to start your job-hunt is to just START.

Take the plunge by clicking on the links of each of these companies and following them on our portal. Create a profile on JobsForHer. Once you do that you will begin to receive Job Alerts for job profiles that match yours.

And the rest… is your doorway to a fulfilling, challenging, exciting, and wonderful future – with your children, AND your work.

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