Simple Sanskrit Shlokas that Kids can chant easily everyday!

Simple Sanskrit Shlokas that Kids can chant easily everyday! Cover Image

Practicing simple Sanskrit chants everyday with your kids can have many benefits. From improving your focus & keeping stress at bay to staying calm and enhancing concentration & learning, these chants can help you & your little ones feel healthy and happy from within! Read on and check out these simple sanskrit slokas that you and your kids can chant everyday.

Sanskrit is one of the most ancient languages to exist. The benefits of this language are immense and research states that Sanskrit sounds can even boost cognitive function.

While learning the language is one thing, but practicing some simple Sanskrit mantras everyday with your kids can have many benefits. Chanting Sanskrit mantras brings clarity in speech and thought. And not only that, it has been found to increase memory and focus, while having a calming effect on the entire nervous system as well. All of this makes it highly beneficial for children (and adults alike!). So, to make this a regular practice, here’s how to make Sanskrit a part of your daily life.

Simple mantras that you can chant everyday with your child

1. Annadata Sukhi bhava – Chant this before every meal

The plate of food on our table has the heart and sweat of so many people. Right from the farmer to the truck driver, from the merchant to the person at the billing counter, the food that we eat has exchanged more than 1000 hands.

This is the mantra that can be chanted to bless all those people involved in bringing food to our table, and send out positive thoughts & hope that they may all be happy.

2. Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha – Chant this to get rid of obstacles

We all face obstacles on an everyday basis. This mantra can be chanted before you begin anything. It invokes the blessings of the elephant-headed god Ganesha, whose energy removes obstacles or gives us the courage to face them.

Encourage children to chant this line a few times in the day, whenever they begin anything new. It brings in a beautiful state of surrender and strength and solidifies our faith in the invisible energy that is guiding and protecting us.

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3. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – Chant this for world peace

We, as humans, are interdependent and one can truly be happy and peaceful only when the environment is in harmony with us. The meaning of this mantra is to let there be peace, health, and wellbeing for everything in this creation.

Inspire children to chant this mantra every night before going to sleep for world peace and harmony. Our prayers do influence the cosmic vibrations and when children believe this, they feel powerful and responsible.

Now that you’ve begun your journey, don’t stop your Sanskrit adventure here. Explore and learn a few more mantras, make them a part of your everyday ritual.

When the roots stay strong, branches can soar up to the sky.

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