Parenthood: A Series of Sweet Sacrifices

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Change is, of course, a part of life and we’ve all developed mechanisms to cope with it but the change that comes with parenthood is so complete and absolute that it often takes a few years to even realize nothing is how it used to be.

So you know how they tell you that everything changes after you become a parent? It’s true. It’s true in a deeper, more profound way than you could ever have imagined.

The other day I did a bit of a past-present analysis and realized that what they said was true. Everything had indeed changed.

  How it used to be How it is today
Food fundamentals Indulging in a gourmet meal with unusual ingredients from exotic lands. Getting my son to complete a whole bowl of khichdi with carrots, beans, and lauki with a dollop of ghee. Hell yeah!
Social life Partying till sunrise, and indulging in breakfast before heading home to sleep all day Praying my son sleeps on time so I may watch one episode of Masterchef. Ensuring I’m in bed by 10.30 because he’s going to wake me up at the crack of dawn. Even on the weekend.
Grooming essentials Getting regular pedicures so my feet always look pretty and fresh. Realising that the next time I clip my toe nails, I’ll end up getting rid of that final bit of nail polish I’d applied a few months ago and didn’t have time to remove. Yaay! No need to buy remover or cotton
Exercise and Fitness Beating my own running record on the treadmill. Energizing! Completing all my errands with my son permanently attached to one hip. Now that’s a workout!
Bed linen Matching my comforter and bed sheets to my curtains to create a lovely hue in the room. Accessorizing with pretty cushions and a throw. Clean-ish sheets.
Extracurricular activities Updating my blog at least twice a week. Managing a tweet once a month.
Music and lyrics Discovering a new artist and downloading the album to play in the car. Discovering a new Mother Goose compilation of nursery rhymes and downloading it to play ALL THE TIME.
Grocery list Indulging in different dips, flavoured hummus, lavash, olives etc. Ensuring I’m stocked up on Marie biscuits, puffed rice and those little star shaped snacks that cost way more than they should!
Home interiors Little curios collected from various travels artistically placed around the house. Big boxes that can hold as many toys as possible placed wherever!
Reading list Who won the Booker prize this year? Which book has the maximum animal pictures?
Shopping Walking into Zara and spending a mini fortune on myself Walking into Zara and heading straight to the kids section. Recoiling at the prices but spending a mini fortune anyway.
Happiness Triggers Enjoying a glass of wine, going away on holiday, buying new shoes, catching up with friends and family. Knowing my baby has had a healthy meal followed a good potty, seeing him laugh heartily because he found my sneeze funny, hearing him say his first words, the first time he walked, every time he hugs me and calls me mama, watching him run around the park, hearing him speak non-stop gibberish, watching him sleep, seeing him splash about in the bath tub, filming him as he giggles madly when we push him on the swing, looking at him stack building blocks, seeing his joy on being carried on his father’s shoulders, being a mom and finally getting why this change is better than anything I could’ve ever hoped for.

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