Recipes for bubs. Leftovers for mums.

Recipes for bubs. Leftovers for mums. Cover Image

Recipes from Sanaa’s Kitchen that you should totally pin on your refrigerator, away from your bub’s reach.

I have a hungry two year old. And I love coming up with new dishes and trying out different recipes for him everyday. But you know how kids are. One day they love your food and the next day it makes them gag, fake-sleep, and run the opposite direction shrieking. And what do you do with all the food you made. Most baby food tastes lame. Either too bland, or too healthy for your own liking. So over the last year and a half I have figured out dishes that are nutritious for him, and delicious for me.

1. Cocoa sesame oat bars

Tricks your kid into eating chocolate. A happy chocolatey bar-slash-cookie that uses no flour. So it’s healthy and tastes delicious. You might not have too many leftovers, so make yourself a batch too.
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2. Love bombs

Kids love potatoes. In all forms. So just stuff some in some yummy protein and they will eat it up. And for some reason kids love food that’s round round. Mommies too. Burp!
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3. Pizza drops

Muffins meet pizza in these fluffy little drops of everyone’s favourite dish. You can sneak in a lot of veggies too.
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4. Macaroni with roasted veggies

A step up from the mac and cheese. With gorgeous roasted veggies. My boy licked his bowl clean.
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5. Springy peanut fussili

So stupid easy dish, your bub can make it himself. And eat it too.
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6. Frozen banana ice cream – life changer

I felt like I was living under a rock for not know about this earlier. No sugar. No dairy. No fat. Just good ol’ bananas. It’s delicious, tasty, and you can eat as much as you want. Ermm, your bubs I mean.
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7. Clover bread

Cute little bread rolls in classic flavours of garlic and butter. You can try your own shapes, and flavours. This bread recipe is never-fail.
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8. Banana bread

Don’t freeze all your bananas. Save some for this delicious nutritious banana bread. The flavours will take you back to your mamma’s lap with a lullaby on loop.
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9. Popcorn crusted chicken

It’s fun, it’s crunchy, pop the curious george rerun on and let your bub enjoy his movie-snack-turned-gourmet-dinner.
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