Read To Think’s Online Reading Program for kids is just what your little readers need!

Read To Think’s Online Reading Program for kids is just what your little readers need! Cover Image

Parents, have you ever wondered how you can encourage your kids to read more? or, what would be the best way to turn a reluctant reader into an avid lover of books? Well, ‘Read To Think’s’ reading program for kids is just what you need. Curated for deep readers as well as emerging readers, this program will introduce the little ones to a whole new world of reading and help them transform from a reader to a thinker. Read on for details. 

When you think of the importance of reading for kids, you think of development of vocabulary, language, sounds and literacy among others. However, the online reading program by ‘Read To Think’ offers so much more.

Read to Think, is an in-depth reading program that provides young minds with a curriculum that enables them to develop the habit of deep reading along with thinking skills and emotional intelligence skills. This online reading program is not just for deep readers, but for emerging readers as well who are eager to start their reading journey. The program uses reading of children’s literature to teach them first to be focused and attentive so that that they become engaged readers. They are then gently nudged to dig deep into their readings to develop important life skills like self-awareness, social awareness, empathy, questioning, research, and critical thinking.

Reading for kids – common concerns that parents have!

Parents, let’s start by asking a few questions. Have you ever wanted your kids to be more inclined towards reading? or, have you thought what would be the best way to get them to love books more? These are common and valid queries to have. You see, reading is a habit or a hobby that develops over time with the right kind of stimulus and encouragement. And once this takes a hold, there’s nothing stopping your kids from diving into a world of discovery, knowledge and growth. But often, we are left thinking about what is the best way to choose the right book, especially for early readers and whether there is merit in you choosing the right book for your kids or is it best to let them take their pick.

The fact is that every reader has their own unique reading journey and what might work in your opinion may not be the right fit for them. Moreover, sometimes they’re reading journey can be hampered when kids are left with the wrong book that doesn’t suit their interests. Well, Read To think’s reading program is the solution you’ve been looking for!

How can Read to Think’s Reading Program make a difference

Read To Think’s reading journey happens in three phases:

Phase I:

This phase helps the child to discover his/her love for reading. Kids are taught and informed how to pick the right books, how to develop interest and how to create an engagement with those books.

Phase II:

This phase helps kids to develop reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. With their interests uncovered, it is now important to help them read with comprehension and to tell them how to read for reflection. It is at this stage that kids will be encouraged to make an in-depth practice of reading and thinking strategies.

Phase III:

This phase is all about sustenance. With your kids equipped with better understanding of their interests and in-depth reading practices, it is important to teach them how to stay at it! This helps create a lifelong love for reading so that once they pick up a book, they simply can’t put it down! From a book club membership and participating in challenges to recommending books to their friends and engaging in reading activities the journey is endless and full of excitement. 

What stands out for us in the ‘Read To Think’ reading program!

This online reading program is engaging and exciting and the fact that it is for both deep readers (who have started their reading journey) and emerging readers (who can’t wait to start theirs) is a big plus point. It gives kids the right reading exposure they need for each level and it is designed in a way that it helps them grow from where they are. 

There are various activities planned as well. Like reading sessions with books, reading challenges and book club participation for emerging readers and in-depth practice exercises, qualitative feedback from teachers, personalised book recommendations and more for deep readers. 

And that’s not all. The program will help kids benefit from key takeaways as well. Like encouraging emerging readers to try and read new books, teaching them specific strategies to help build engagement with books and getting them excited to talk about books through fun engagement activities. And as for deep readers, they will learn to think of reading books as an enjoyable activity, build focus and stamina, acquire new vocabulary, improve comprehension skills, practice becoming a confident thinker and opinion maker and more!

Program Details

So, parents, if you’re looking at making a difference for your kids and the way they read, all you need to do is register them for the online reading program by ‘Read To Think’. 

Click here for all the details and book your kids a spot today!

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