5 special ways to celebrate Raksha Bandhan this year!

5 special ways to celebrate Raksha Bandhan this year! Cover Image

Just because you’re home bound doesn’t mean this Rakhi has to be any less special. These 5 wonderful ideas will certainly help you portray your love to your sibling. There’s DIY, unique story ideas, home decor and more. Read on!

We have reached that time of the year where the festivities have started shining in all its glory. And one of the most beautiful celebrations – that of the bond between a brother and sister – Raksha Bandhan, is just around the corner. It has been a tough year, we never thought the streets and shops that usually remain crowded at this time, flooded with Rakhis and Pooja Thalis, is going to be silent today. But does that mean we should give up on celebrating this day? Of course not. Let our spirits be high and make this a memorable one.

Reyash Raksha Bandhan Celebration

The unsurpassed bond between siblings is special, they might bicker all day but the love and care for each other is unconditional. I have beautiful childhood memories of Rakhi with my brother and now that he stays quite far, these are memories I would snuggle with and would love to share with my 4 year old, Rey.

So let me pen down my plans of Rakhi with my little one for this Raksha Bandhan.

Home Decor

To bring the festive mood on and to remain cheerful and positive we have started with our home décor. We made a few tassel hangings, some twig crafts and the work is still on. Some colorful cushions, change of curtains, some indoor plants, fairy lights, rugs or carpets and you are festive ready. Trust me a little change with simple things will make a great difference. Already feeling the festive vibes.

Home Decor Ideas for Raksha Bandhan


There are many stories in history that talks about this festival. The renowned stories of Krishna and Draupadi, Rani Karnavati and Emperor Humayun, Goddess Laxmi and King Bali, Roxana and King Porus, Yama and the Yamuna and so on. I have listed all of it to narrate them to Rey a few days before Rakhsha Bandhan. Kids love listening to stories so why not pick up stories that would talk about the festivals.

Storytelling Activity on Raksha Bandhan

Gifting Ideas

This is the one time every brother would willingly get ready to loosen their pockets to get something special for their sisters. I remember waiting to get presents from my brother. Childhood days are the best (hope he reads this and sends me something). I believe handmade gifts are priceless and the situation that we are in today, it’s best to gift something simple and handmade which can be cherished. Gifting could include self-propagated plant, handmade cards, handmade book marks, story books for the reading enthusiasts, handmade dream catcher, some wall hangings with your pictures etc. To add on a good wrap will do a great job.

Get your siblings a Rakhi gift they’ll remember forever!
These 25 unique gifting ideas will make Raksha Bandhan on point.

Raksha Bandhan Gifting Ideas

DIY Rakhis

Raksha Bandhan is the day when brothers wait to receive that band of protection from their loving sisters. And the sisters would have gone searching high and low to pick up the best Rakhi. I remember doing it for my brother. For this year, accepting the new normal for now, handmade Rakhis are ideal and they are pure love. Rey has two cousin sisters and I am planning to surprise him on the day of Rakhsha Bandhan, saying they have sent Rakhis for him. A few DIY Rakhis to adorn my Rey’s wrist is in the process. You can try making Rakhis with foam sheets, wool, tissue paper flowers, cartoon stickers, and so on.

DIY Rakhis to make at home

DIY Rakhi for that special person in your life. It’s all about love with this one!

Rakhi Special Delicacies

We are blessed with a plethora of options when it comes to seasoned and festive foods without which celebrations remain incomplete. Preparing homemade sweets are on our list with some special dishes for the Rakhi day.

Delicacies to make at home on Raksha Bandhan

As this year things have been really different, there is something that I have planned to mark in my story telling for Rey, probably a few years down the line. On my to-do list is to make a time capsule and treasure a few activities of these lockdown days in it. So my DIY Rakhi would be one of them.

I am eagerly looking forward for all the coming celebrations, taking each day as it comes. So, let’s celebrate the day with much fervor while restricting ourselves from going out. Home is a place where you can do endless things, that’s where it all starts. So let us stay home, be grateful and have a beautiful celebration.

Dedicating this to my brother, “There is no time like the old time, when you and I were young!”– Oliver Wendell Holmes

From helping to lighten the tension every time mom raged at me & keeping an eye on his teen sister, to helping me complete my science journals at the eleventh hour & buying everything that I wished for be it jewellery which he had no clue about; my memories with my brother are endless. They are indeed a gift.

What are your memories of Raksha Bandhan? Do share your stories & moments with your siblings with us and let’s all live them.

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