10 Delightful books for kids from Pratham Books

10 Delightful books for kids from Pratham Books Cover Image

From a bandicoot to a Thanjavur doll, a school bag to a shawl, everyday people and everyday things come alive in this series from Pratham Books. Young readers will delight in the tales and the pictures.

Pratham Books, India’s leading publisher of kids’ books, has brought out new titles in their young readers series. They are all kinds of delightful! These books for kids are specially written for children aged 3 to 12. Each book has a number on the spine indicating reading level.

Level 1 books are for very young children who love listening to stories and who enjoy looking at bright pictures. The sentences are short and simple and with one sentence per page, it’s easy on the eye.

Level 2 books are for children who recognize familiar words and can begin to read new words with some help. This is ideal for kids who understand story progression. The sentences are still short and easy to understand.

Level 3 books are for slightly older children who can confidently read longer sentences and understand deeper insights. The stories are kept simple, as always.

Level 4 is for advanced readers and contains more text although the pictures are equally spread out over the pages. Complex concepts are introduced, thought-provoking topics are touched upon and a bit of extra information is added at the end of each book, to enhance general awareness.

The books are all very reasonably priced between 35/- to 45/- INR and will make a wonderful gift, either for your own kids or as gifts for other children.


1. Too Big! Too Small! by Lavanya Karthik

Reading Level: Level 1

Shanu is getting frustrated. She’s either too big or too small. At least that’s what everyone tells her. What is the right size? Find out in this adorable book. The pictures are lovely and the story is one your child will want re-read over and over again.

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2. Aiman’s School Bag by Mazhar Ahmed

Reading Level: Level 2

This quirky and cute tale is a narration about Aiman’s day at school and the narrator is her school bag! The bright pictures and the smiling bag are perfect for young kids to relate to seamlessly. Read aloud to them or help them read this short book.

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3. Every Tree Counts by Prabha Ram and Sheela Preuitt

Reading Level: Level 2

A vividly illustrated counting book from 1 to 10 using tree varieties. There’s a bit of learning and a whole lot of fun as kids flip through this book. Neem, Pipal, Jamun are just some of the trees covered in this book. What are the others? Ah, you must get the book to find out.

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4. The Ant and the Green Mung Bean by Sarvendra Vikram

Reading Level: Level 2

A tiny tale about an ant who finds a mung bean and tries to carry it home. The adventures on the way will have you holding your breath! Read aloud with sound effects for young kids. Don’t miss the fun activity at the end of the book.

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5. The Doll that Bommakka Made by Prabha Ram and Sheela Preuitt

Reading Level: Level 2

Fans of Navarathri will adore this book as it traces the history of the famed Thanjavur doll. In poetic rhythm, a story is told, narrated through the eyes of a doll. Through it all, we see the hard work of a woman who made the doll, lovingly referred to as Bommakka.

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6.  Cube Cat, Cone Cat by Prabha Ram and Sheela Preuitt

Reading Level: Level 2

Learn your shapes with this picture book as the cat uses everyday objects to figure out a cube from a circle. A fun puzzle at the end is ideal for kids who like to look at pictures and solve riddles.

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7. The New Girl by Srividhya Venkat

Reading Level: Level 3

Almost every child can relate to this book. Walking into a new school can be more than a little unnerving and the new girl, feels out of place and awkward at first.But if you have a kind friend like Mira, things don’t seem quite so bad. A lovely tale about compassion and empathy told through visually striking images.

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8. What Happened to the Shawl? by Arvind Gupta

Reading Level: Level 3

A familiar tale from our stories of yore, retold by Arvind Gupta, this one captures a simple yet insightful exchange between Buddha and one of his disciples. The emphasis on the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle is brought out elegantly. What’s more, there are practical tutorials included in the book, which teach kids how they can reuse old fabric.

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9. The Maldhok in the Desert by Jeyanthi Manokaran

Reading Level: Level 4

A sensitively told story about a young boy and his pet bird, the Great Indian Bustard. Reminiscent of the Panchatantra, this one weaves a touching tale about the relationship between the two characters. From helping the wounded bird to learning to let go, there are multiple lessons a child can take away from this book.

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10. Miss Bandicota Bengalensis digs up the seashore by Aditi Ghosh

Reading Level: Level 4

Mole rats are curious creatures, did you know? If you didn’t, read this story about Miss Bandicota who is an intrepid explorer. On her travels she comes across strange creatures and even makes new friends. The underlying message is a positive one about embracing the unknown and learning to adapt to circumstances. The General Knowledge section at the end of the book is a useful nugget for older kids.

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