6 Amazing podcasts for kids

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If you haven’t introduced your kids to podcasts, here are 6 wonderful reasons to do so right now!

Podcasts for kids? That’s a thing? You’d be surprised at the wealth of knowledge that’s available out there and how we can harness the technology to help us access it too. Don’t know where to start? We have it sorted!

In her article for The Atlantic, Stephanie Hayes writes that kids as young as 6 and 7 can sit and listen to 15-minute stories or fun radio shows. Let’s face it, children love listening to stories and oral narratives form part of rich childhood experiences. In fact, many schools in America use podcasts as part of their curriculum and it’s easy to see why!

Podcasts are also great ways to expose children to knowledge and they retain most of what they have heard because the delivery is super fun.

Here are 6 great podcasts for kids!

1. Brains On

Age group: (5 to 13)
The Holy Grail of children’s podcasts in a market that has very little original content for younger people, Brains On delivers beautiful podcasts on science. Episodes feature questions as diverse as these — “How do whales communicate?”, “How does the Internet get to us?”, “Why do we get goosebumps” and more. With beautiful production value and interesting sound bytes from listeners, science writers and experts, this one makes science immensely fun!

Why we like it: Through their podcasts, they take listeners to actual locations, such as the Great Sand Dunes National Park, tracking wild horses at Assateague Island National Seashore, and more.

Podcast Brains On

2. Storynory

Age group: 3 to 13

An absolute treasure chest of stories from around the world, Storynory also has other treats — poems for children, Greek myths, pod cast series on characters like Katie the Witch or Bertie the Prince, and more. These beautiful narrations come alive with some genius performers who can do all the best voices! Read their FAQs page to get started!

Why we like it: Did you know that they hired actual opera singers to work on their Hansel and Gretel pod cast, which is an operatic production for kids? Storynory is full of such treasures. Besides, is fun, lively and aimed at a modern audience, but still brings in classics.


3. Podcast Kid

Age group: 5 to 12 (but as Jenna grows, her audience may too!)

Hosted by dad James and daughter Jenna, this weekly kid and family podcast is adorable, quirky, funny and also talks about a host of topics — making new friends, holidays, changing school, books, facing fear, and more. Listeners can write in to Jenna and ask her questions, so she runs this show with a lot of personality!

Why we like it: This is one of the great podcasts actually hosted by a child and it’s fascinating to see her improvise so beautifully. It is also perfect for children who are younger and who want to talk about things that worry or bother them.


4. Book Club for Kids

Age group: 9 to 17

One of the most popular pod casts for kids out there, Book Club for Kids has children and teenagers talk about books that they liked or enjoyed. All kinds of books are discussed and children from different schools join in for the discussions.

Why we like it: Their format is fantastic. For a podcast on Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider books, they had an FBI agent as a guest speaker and they also have guest authors read excerpts from the book!


5. BBC School Radio

Age group: 2 to 14

This is a treasure house for kids. Do check out Carrie’s War, Nina Bawden’s classic WWII story of the children evacuated from London to Wales. Shakespeare Retold is another beautiful podcast from the BBC stable.

Why we like it: We are absolutely in love with Playtime, a beautiful podcast for toddlers — full of sounds to ignite the imagination and create a felicity for verbal and oral imagery. Sensitizing a toddler to sounds is a wonderful way to build phoneme awareness. Go for it!


6. Baalgatha

Age group: 3 to 13

India has a rich oral tradition and it is important for our children to access them and listen to them. They are also great fun! Baalgatha means ‘children’s stories’ and this Indian podcast brings you stories every week. Usually, you get two classic stories from India and around the world. From Panchatantra, Jataka tales and contemporary authors and tales, this one is a fabulous resource for parents who want their children to listen to stories from India and around the world.

Why we like it: They have both English and Hindi podcasts. Their Hindi podcasts are narrated beautifully and this is truly a wonderful way for children to understand the nuances of the language. The stories that they pick are wonderful too!


Know of any more podcasts for kids? Do leave your suggestions in the comments section!

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