A perfect magic drink for the winter days

A perfect magic drink for the winter days Cover Image

What a lovely way to catch up on your breath with a cup of warm kashayam, the perfectly blended spice tea. Its so good on the wintry days with tinges of spice and sweet laced with delicate flavors.
 Its a perfect remedy to clear the congestion and sore throats. Perfect for the kids too. 

In good ol’ days when for every reason and season we didn’t reach for over the counter drugs at the medical store, this was a well treasured recipe. Worked wonders even with my little one. My grandmother visited us a couple of weeks ago, my 6 yr old son was going through a bad spell of cough and cold. She was so worried and asked me to give him medicines. But surprise! surprise!, he got better in two days with a shot of kashayam at bedtime. Well you got to be careful if the kid is running a temperature – Its safe to use even then but not as a substitute for medicines prescribed by the doctor.

This concoction can be happily used in place of evening tea. It is sure to chase away the chills and blues. And the spicy peppercorns just do the magic for me.

Preparation steps

1. Crush all the ingredients coarsely (separately)


Dry roast for a minute till the flavors release


3. Put the water for boiling and add the ingredients
4. Let them simmer for 12-15 mins


5. Strain the water and pour in a cup. Enjoy !

It works best when taken at bedtime. You can add extra jaggery for the kids.
Inputs on recipe from – Mr.Abhijeet – Taj West End, Bangalore.

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