Parties for kids- 5 Essential things to include

Parties for kids- 5 Essential things to include Cover Image

Parties for kids can either be great fun or a great strain depending on how prepared you are for them. Use these 5 tips for a memorable party.

Kids are hard to please, no doubt about it. Throwing parties for kids can easily turn into a logistical nightmare if certain things aren’t taken care of. What if we can help you out? Include the following five essentials for your kids’ parties to keep the satisfaction and merry-making metre at a reasonable high.

1. Spray your hall with VIBGYOR.


Ever wondered why kids don’t like their school uniforms? That’s because they are, more often than not, not colourful. Children are attracted to everything and anything that has multiple colours in it. For your kids’ party, you can add colour with ribbons, balloons, cakes and LED lights.

2. Borrow/ rent fictional characters for the party.


Kids fantasize about the people they see on television or read about in books. They idolize someone or the other; maybe, your kid even has an imaginary friend. A theme party with appropriate games will give your kid a chance to wear his idol’s garb and strut around in character. What fun!

3. Piñata Party


Kids tend to be energetic and full of vim and it can be difficult to channelise all that energy when it’s a room full of excited people. Include weapons (the soft, rubbery kind) in your party or organize a piñata party. Give the tiny tots a chance to beat the living daylights out of a stuffed animal or ball with plenty of treats inside. Plenty of laughs and dissemination of energy guaranteed!

4. Presents


No party is complete without presents, especially not a kids’ party. Children love it when they know that people out there love them enough to not forget their gift on their birthday. Pile all presents one on top of the other, so that it looks like a small hill of hidden, amazing artifacts to your kid.

5. Pets or animals


Kids love animals and insects. How about taking them to a petting zoo so they get up close and personal with them? If the real ones are too much to handle, get a stash of your kid’s favourite toy animals and organise a party game with them. Include as many animals in your party (pun intended) as possible.

Well, do you think we’ve covered it all with our ideas for a fabulous kid’s party? Do one or more of these and we guarantee that you’ll have a child grinning from ear to ear.

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