5 Parenting tips for new moms that will keep you sane

5 Parenting tips for new moms that will keep you sane Cover Image

Are you a new mom? If yes, you can relate to each of these concerns and the tips from another mom who’s been there and done that.

Little bubbie Vedant was born just 6 months ago, and there are days when I still can’t believe I am a parent! Although I had read every parenting book in sight and made google my best friend during my pregnancy, I was still under prepared in the parenting aspect.

While some blogs may say “don’t be a helicopter parent” or “be around your kid as much as you can because you won’t get this time again in your life!”, every parent’s experience is different.

Here are some parenting tips that helped me during my 6 month period and hopefully will help you too! Don’t worry moms- you are not alone in this shindig!

5 Parenting tips you absolutely need as a new mom

1. They will cry. Because they literally don’t know how to do anything else.

It’s the only means of communication for them. For the first 3 months, before their senses are fully developed, babies will cry A LOT. Whether they are wet, dry, want food, want to sleep, want to be rocked, cuddled- their only response is to bawl. Don’t lose your nerve- always count to 20 and be calm. It’s a phase- it will pass. And always keep your pediatrician’s number handy.

2. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Do not compare.

It’s natural for humans to be competitive. So if your kid is not putting on as much weight as your friend’s darling, don’t sweat it. All babies have their own growth rates that only need to be monitored, not lose sleep over. If the baby takes longer to go to sleep, don’t overthink it. Know when to sound the alarm and when to let it go. Remember- babies are very resilient.

3. Use the TV as a distraction. Don’t feel guilty about it at all.

Breastfeeding is not an easy task. It’s painful at the beginning and really tests a mother’s patience. If your kid hits a growth spurt and chews on your breasts for an hour- it’s natural to wanna shout out loud! Distract yourself, before you wreck yourself. Binge watch an episode or two while breastfeeding and don’t think of the pain. It helped me greatly during my initial breastfeeding days.

4. Talk to your spouse/family before the craziness begins. Prepare them for the change.

Sure everyone knows the change that’s about the enter their lives, but you don’t really know the extent till those late night feeds and diaper changes hit you. You’ll want to vent your anger at the spouse/family- so talk to them way before hand. Tell them that there will be days when you’ll be crazy as hell, in zombie mode and ready to burst at the mere sound of the baby crying- a big scoop of ice cream and hugs should be kept ready on standby.

5. Take out some time for yourself- EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even if it’s just 10 mins.

Being a mommy is hard in the initial days with the hectic schedule- I started to forget my earlier self completely. My mother’s sound advice still rings in my ear- “ even if it’s just 10 mins, find time to do something only for yourself”. Read a book, grab a cup of tea in the balcony, talk to a friend or write a thank you note to a relative- it should involve you and only you. We forget ourselves when we become mommies and this keeps the mind in check.

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