10 Tips for parents to reduce exam stress for kids

10 Tips for parents to reduce exam stress for kids Cover Image

A little sensivity from your side can make exams a whole lot easier for your child. Here are some ways in which you can help your child deal with the pressure.

Exam stress is a rampant phenomenon. Experts actually recommend a bit of exam anxiety as it can help to boost performance and confidence levels in the long run. But what if stress becomes overwhelming and causes the kids to stumble in the process of learning?

 10 simple tips to combat exam stress

  1. As a parent, pay special attention towards your child and encourage him/her to overcome their worries and gain confidence to go through their exams successfully by interacting with them freely.
  2. Do not show over-attention and keep over-expectations. Always be affectionate, supportive, and proactive for their study.
  3. Take time, spend it with your child, and reassure them that you are always with him/her to support and encourage.
  4. Concentrate on the nutrition, provide with lots of fruits and vegetables and low fat, low-sugar, and low-caffeine foods that increase memory power and encourage your child to follow an exercise routine to be more systematic.
  5. Also, ensure that your child is sleeping well for about 6-8 hours. This helps in increasing the thinking and concentration power of your child.
  6. Remind your child that nervousness is a common phenomenon for every student. Explain to the child that nervousness can make him/her lose confidence and the key is to set these nerves to the best use.
  7. Never set rules for studying; allow your child to go with his/her schedule while studying. Instead, assist your child in drawing up a regular study time schedule.
  8. Do not add stress and pressure, be a good listener and listen to them, give support and stay away from criticism.
  9. After completing an exam day, discuss about the paper and encourage your child to move ahead. Encourage your child to concentrate on the next test rather thinking on the finished exam that no one can change.
  10.  Do not compare your children with any other children. Provide positive strokes to your child to compare their performance with themselves.

Lastly, having done all or some of the above acknowledges, appreciate your efforts and value yourself for being a proactive and sensitive parent.

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