5 pieces of parenting advice from my mother

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Today every parenting decision is logical and well researched on the internet. However, are the age old parenting tips still relevant? Read the 5 tips I picked up and how they helped me.

Unlike earlier times when we had so many people around to indulge our baby, most of us live in nuclear families today and we are on our own. With some initial support from our mother or mother-in-law, we eventually take all parenting responsibilities on our shoulders.

Thanks to the internet, we find solace in the mothering groups where like-minded mothers discuss their issues. You got a problem? You search the internet to find the possible solutions and reasons.

Once I snapped at my mum for finding fault with me as a mother. Later I introspected to ask myself these questions: Am I not a good individual, Healthy, wealthy and wise? Shouldn’t I be thanking my mother then, for shaping me the way she did? Thereon, I decided to remind myself of this thought before snapping back at her, if ever again!

She emphasized that we, the modern parents, have made parenting a tad more complex than it should be. Swearing by diapers initially and then reading heaps about potty training later! Repenting not giving the bottle at the right time. Fussing about our fussy eater. And I sulked Yeah! That’s true. But what can we do? Things happen like this in today’s times. (I couldn’t think of a better counter argument)

Were these issues present when we were kids? Not all of them, I get to know. Or rather, the issues were of a different kind, being of not having adequate facilities as we do now.

Today the advice thrown at us by our elders might sound misplaced in time. But they do have relevance. You just need to mould them accordingly to reap the benefits. Of all the advice my mother gave me, I decided to pick a few. Not only did they work like a charm, but also instilled some peace within!

Here is the list :

1. It’s okay to let your baby cry sometimes

We all love our kids. Don’t we? But to say we’ll never let a tear drop off their eyes is a tad too much! It is important to make your child learn how to self soothe. So let them be on their own for a while. And especially when they use crying as a way to get their wish be our command.

As you and your baby grow together, you can make out when your baby is crying for real. Other times, it’s not. So let your baby be on its own all this time. Do it for three occasions in a row and see the change.

2. Make your mealtime your baby’s too

When my baby was 6 months, the ‘technical’ time to introduce solids, I started reading about it here and there. When to know your baby is ready; first foods for your baby, and so on. Then I was told by my mother that never let your baby gaze at you while you eat. Share and let her taste your food.  So I made it a point to eat by her side. If she came to me with an urge to eat, I picked up something from my plate to let her taste. Gradually I started keeping something on my plate that suits her. She enjoyed it too!

3. Trust your instincts

In the early infant days, I often ‘googled’ to see what temperature your room should be; how to know your baby is feeling hot or cold? Then I was told that your baby feels the way you do. You feel cold? Put on a layer more than the layers you are wearing.You feel hot? Remove one. And it made sense to me, too.

4. Let go of the wipes. Wash it away!

This was a little tougher than the others. The amount of baby garbage produced each day used to amaze me. Tough I am still stuck with diapers ( I’ve pledged to let them go soon) I was coaxed into throwing away the wipes.

I followed the traditional style of washing the private parts after every pee pee or poo poo. Yes, it’s a bit taxing than wiping away but its more hygienic and rash free for the baby. Of course, lesser garbage too!

5 . Make things simple. Less is more

When my baby started teething for the first time, we indulged her with all sorts of teethers. She used them initially but lost interest later. Then I was told to do the way our mums did when teethers were not available. Cold peeled carrot. Hard apple slice. The benefit? Many! You don’t dump teethers in the fridge in the hope of getting used. Babies gets to taste the real stuff too. Every time different food item keeps her engaged for a little long too! Once my baby’s first teeth were shining on my face, she invariably took everything in her mouth BUT the teethers.

As she grew up to the age of sippers, another deluge was about to happen. But I found this age-old stainless steel cup. Eventually your baby has to drink from a glass, right? So why not start with it straight away? Yes, there would be spilling but we’ve learnt to deal with it by now, isn’t it.

Now I carry her water in a bottle and a small cup with me. She always drinks water from this cup. And as she’s gotten used to it, the spilling has reduced.

That’s about me!
What was the advice given to you? Did you implement any of it in your parenting routine? Did you find it useful? I would love to hear your experience.

Do share your experience in the comments below!

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