Keep the fun alive with Online Classes & Workshops for Kids!

Keep the fun alive with Online Classes & Workshops for Kids! Cover Image

Get your hands on the BuzzingBubs 2021 guide for all the latest kids online classes & workshops for kids. Make the most of your kids’ time with fun activities, games and workshops – all from the comfort and safety of your home. So, are you ready to see what’s in store? Check out the list for yourself!

Our very special curated list of online classes & workshops for kids is now out, dear parents! Times are confusing, yes, but that doesn’t mean that we forget to have fun. This guide to the best online classes will give you a comprehensive list of all the interesting workshops, classes and programs that are happening online for kids to participate in during their time at home. And what’s more, these Online Classes & Workshops span across genres and categories, so there’s literally (virtually, rather!) going to be something special for everyone!

*Disclaimer: BuzzingBubs would like to inform parents that these are classes & workshops we are recommending based on the businesses listed with us. We do not conduct any programs of our own, however BuzzingBubs acts as a service provider for the organiser to accept registrations.

Read to Think: Online Reading Program for Kids Cover Image

1 Read to Think: Online Reading Program for Kids

If you want your kids to evolve from a reader to a thinker, then Read to Think is what you're looking for! In a more engaging and exciting avatar, Read To Think helps introduce your child to the world of reading in a fun and interactive way with their reading programs that caters to beginners as well as fluent readers with reading exposure. Learn more about their programs here.

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Learn Design and Coding with MindBox D2H Cover Image

2 Learn Design and Coding with MindBox D2H

Looking for Coding and Programming summer camps for kids? MindBox brings to you 6 interesting Designing and Coding summer programs for kids 6 - 16 years. They encourage and help children foster imagination, creativity & enhance their ability to build an aspiring career opportunity with pool of courses such as Graphic Design, Coding, Web Design, 3D Design, Games Design, App Design programs & more.

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Mastering Penmanship Cover Image

3 Mastering Penmanship

Mastering Penmanship is a 3-day, power packed workshop on handwriting! In this interactive workshop, you will get to learn the science behind choosing a right pen or pencil, learn hand exercises for stress free writing and finger flexion exercises for speed writing, explore the ergonomics of writing and discover the current speed of your writing.

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Discover Amazing Australia through Drama Cover Image

4 Discover Amazing Australia through Drama

Raell Padamsee's ACE presents ‘Amazing Australia’, a new and exciting workshop that will let kids explore and grow through drama as they go on a virtual trip through Australia. Check out Australia’s cute koalas and kangaroos, tour the Sydney opera house and explore the great barrier reef all through drama in this fun workshop. All you need to do is pick your adventure pack and get going!

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Online Graphic Design Program Cover Image

5 Online Graphic Design Program

Let your creativity shine through in this online graphic design summer program for kids by MindBox! Learn about the creative design process of image transformation such as, photo retouching, colour correction and more along with the basics of vector graphics.

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Young Rembrandts Online Drawing Classes for Kids Cover Image

6 Young Rembrandts Online Drawing Classes for Kids

Draw with Young Rembrandts is an instruction-based program on drawing, fun and everything art! The program is divided into group classes where each lesson has a basic, medium and advanced level designed for each child’s capabilities.

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Character Building through Bhagavad Gita Cover Image

7 Character Building through Bhagavad Gita

When it comes to building moral values, few things compare to our ancient scriptures which are an abundant source of knowledge. At this workshop by Bambinos, your children will get introduced to The Bhagavad Gita in an easily approachable and friendly way.

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Sing For Fun: Online Western Music Classes Cover Image

8 Sing For Fun: Online Western Music Classes

OVIMA brings to you Sing for Fun Western Music Classes where kids learn vocal technique to sing effortlessly across different types of music genres. Students will learn different genres including Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, Broadway, Disney, Bollywood & more. OVIMA works with its students in a holistic way developing the individual, and not just the students, artistic and musical skills.

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Programmable Bricks Course: Junior Robotics Cover Image

9 Programmable Bricks Course: Junior Robotics

The Programmable Bricks (Junior Robotics) Course by MakersLoft includes a great combination of coding, knowledge of machines & mechanisms as well as technology. Students will construct and program interactive models that can move on different surfaces, follow a line or wall, avoid obstacles, pick and place objects, sort things, sense their environment and give feedback to users. 

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Learn to make Bhil Painting: for Kids 5 – 7 yrs Cover Image

10 Learn to make Bhil Painting: for Kids 5 – 7 yrs

Get your Indian Folk Art on in this Bhil painting workshop by BrainArt. Here, children will be learning all about the tribal art of Bhil Painting that is bright and simple, but yet so detailed. Bhil Art is all about making stories come alive using dots - from animals to figures, Bhil Art explores all these motifs and that's what your kids will be exploring in this workshop.

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Creative Writing Budding Author Jr. Cover Image

11 Creative Writing Budding Author Jr.

Creative writing program for budding authors spans across 3 modules and 10 sessions and aims at developing English Language skills complementing it with games, reviews and a fun-loving environment. Kids will learn poems, prose and blogs, persuasive situational writing and more.

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Online Photography Workshop Cover Image

12 Online Photography Workshop

Online Photography Workshop by The Outback Experience has been personally developed to be highly productive ensuring unique experiences and personal grooming by the mentor. The workshop will include not only theory-based learning, but a lot of practical learning too.

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Cheriyal Mask Making: Paper Mache Workshop for Kids Cover Image

13 Cheriyal Mask Making: Paper Mache Workshop for Kids

Cheriyal Mask Making: Paper Mache Workshop for Kids Get hands-on in this fun, Paper Mache workshop on Cheriyal Mask Making for kids. It’s interactive and an inexpensive way for children to create a variety of sculptures as they learn and discuss history, origin and basics of sculptures. It can get a bit messy, but that’s […]

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Chess – Young Chess Champion Cover Image

14 Chess – Young Chess Champion

Chess for Juniors workshop is specifically designed for young minds to nurture their skills and improve their thinking ability while learning the game. The program will not only help children to compete in professional-level Chess tournaments but will also enable them to concentrate more in their academic lives and improve their grades.

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Phonics – Young Readers Program Cover Image

15 Phonics – Young Readers Program

Phonics plays an imperative role in shaping and forming the structural foundation of language in children. Through Phonics and Independent Reader Program, children will learn the sounds and pronunciation of each letter of the English alphabet through rhymes and stories, which will enable them to form simple words.

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Online 3D Design with Animation Program Cover Image

16 Online 3D Design with Animation Program

Introduce your kids to the fundamentals of 3D Modelling, Animation, and Rendering for Design Visualisation. Learn all about 3D Modelling & Animation by visualising and creating your own 3D Designs. You can also explore animations and prospects of 3D Printing & Prototyping.

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Scratch Coding Course by MakersLoft Cover Image

17 Scratch Coding Course by MakersLoft

In this Scratch Coding course by MakersLoft, students will learn programming concepts - such as sequences, iteration, conditionals, variables and data structures. They will develop problem-solving and project-design skills, such as reasoning logically, debugging problems, developing ideas from initial conception to completed project, and sustaining focus.

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MakerLoft Lego Creative Building Course Cover Image

18 MakerLoft Lego Creative Building Course

In the LEGO creative building course by MakersLoft, children will learn a broad range of Lego building skills and techniques using which they can build from their own imagination. They will also learn about different Lego parts, colours, design, geometry, symmetry, patterns, storytelling, presentation and how they can use all of this to give shape to their ideas.

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OVIMA Guitar Virtual Lessons for Kids Cover Image

19 OVIMA Guitar Virtual Lessons for Kids

Are your kids ready to play for fun? This program by OVIMA is designed for students who just want to play an instrument and have fun while doing so! The program has a holistic approach that is focused on helping your kids' overall development including artistic and musical skills.

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OVIMA Speech Arts & Drama Virtual Lessons Cover Image

20 OVIMA Speech Arts & Drama Virtual Lessons

Whether you are concentrating on acting or public speaking, these virtual classes by OVIMA on speech arts and drama is for your kids. They will also get to learn techniques which will help them speak with clarity, focus, finesse, and elegance. During the 10 week program students will work on elements of speech and performance that will help them gain poise and self confidence.

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Online Game Design with Coding Cover Image

21 Online Game Design with Coding

Ready for some online game designing and coding? This summer camp for kids has it all! Here, kids will learn about game design with coding as they delve into problem solving with the help of flow charts and step-by-step planning which is important for learning the concepts. The curriculum is designed to make them proficient in 2D and 3D game development along with interactive media design and coding.

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Space Adventure Cover Image

22 Space Adventure

Is your child curious about outer space? Join this workshop and let them go on an amazing journey through our solar system and beyond tackling various challenges. Kids will explore the power of scientific investigation and observation, the wonders of space, and discover the unexplored.

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BrainArt Online Art Classes Cover Image

23 BrainArt Online Art Classes

Let your kids reveal their creativity while staying at home with BrainArt’s Online Art classes. The online art classes will help develop their fine motor skills, problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive thinking & creative expression. It will give your kids an opportunity to connect, identify and construct their cultural identities.

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Movable Machines Course by MakersLoft Cover Image

24 Movable Machines Course by MakersLoft

Let your kids fall in love with Science and Math with the Lego Movable Machines course by MakersLoft. The course is designed to get the kids inclined towards STEM subjects like engineering, robotics etc. In this course children will learn from the very basics about gears, axles, different connectors as well as about 6 simple machines.

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Encore Online Dance Classes for Kids Cover Image

25 Encore Online Dance Classes for Kids

For all the little hot steppers out there, Encore's online dance classes for kids is more than just learning different genres of dance. It is the perfect dance workshop where children can enjoy multiple styles like Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz and more while working on strength and flexibility.

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CueKids Public Speaking Online Course Level 1 Cover Image

26 CueKids Public Speaking Online Course Level 1

CueKids Public Speaking Online Course is a 10 day program that will groom your child to be at their confident best when speaking in front of an audience. These are highly interactive online sessions that will discuss best public speaking techniques in fun ways that are easy to understand and implement for children. speaking with confidence, body language tricks and content creation are some of the key things that will be taught.

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Unlock Your Emotional Superpower Cover Image

27 Unlock Your Emotional Superpower

Unlock Your Emotional Superpower online program for kids 7 to 12 years by CueKids! In this course, your kids will be working with and on their emotions. Through lots of interactive activities, games, role-plays and craftwork, kids will be able to be able to understand, comprehend, and tackle their emotions and thus become more emotionally intelligent.

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Jungle Painting – In the Style of Henri Rousseau Cover Image

28 Jungle Painting – In the Style of Henri Rousseau

Do your kids love paintings? Then they’re really going to be interested in this! This 6 days workshop for kids inspired by artist Henri Rousseau “Tropical forest”. Children will be familiar with Rousseau life & art.

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