Creating a workspace for your child- Role play

Creating a workspace for your child- Role play Cover Image

We spend a significant part of our lives working in our offices. What we do and why we do it fascinates kids. Here’s a fun weekend role play project that will allow your child to make sense of it all.

“Why do we have to go to school, Amma? Why don’t you or Nana go to school? Where do big people go out everyday?”

Well, the biggest motivation for the kids is that they can also go to work like the ‘big’ people.
 And the standard answer we give (more or less closer) – You study well and play well at school and one fine day you will grow big and strong and smart and have your own office.

Kallikids: on why are role playing games so effective

By getting the kids to make up the role play area with you and establish rules together they are more likely to develop a sense of responsibility for it. Children need to understand that the role play area is there for them to enjoy and there are rules. For example, if a child rips up all the paper there will be nothing for them to draw on, or if they start pushing and not sharing then less friends will be allowed in at a time.

Children can learn quickly the positive and negative impacts of their actions from role plays through the reaction of adults and their friends.

So why not build a tiny office over the weekend just for fun? Nothing fancy (though you can improvise as much as you want)

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We built one with bamboo sticks and a couple of flower pots filled with mud.

Role play Materials:

  • A couple of bamboo sticks (corners stuck into flower pots filled with mud)
  • A rope to tie the bamboos into a frame
  • A small carpet (if it’s a smooth flooring)
  • A double bed sheet to drape over the frame of sticks – that’s your ceiling (you can make it as colourful as you want)
  • A couple of baby chairs
  • A small table to work on
  • A lamp to add to the touch

How to make it :

  1. Put the bamboo sticks in small flower pots filled with mud – this is to make sure they remain stable (you can put all the sticks like that if you want depending on the space and availability)
  2. Make the other sticks stand on the carpet and tie them with a rope to balance them and make a framework
  3. Drape the double bed-sheet on the top to make the ceiling
  4. Throw in a couple of baby chairs and a small table
  5. Connect a table lamp to light up the office (use the extension cords)

And, there you are, the office is ready!

Have a party with cookies and milk and if there are grandparents with you, expect some giggles and squeals as they party with the kiddos.

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