New Year Resolutions for Kids – 2022 edition!

New Year Resolutions for Kids – 2022 edition! Cover Image

It’s going to be 2022 soon and that means it’s time to set our resolutions! This bunch will help your kids do something meaningful in the new year, no matter what age group they are. Keep reading to know what they are.

2022 is almost here…what a long way we have all come! The last year brought with itself challenges as well as opportunities and the hope that as we all go along, our journey (as parents or as children) becomes more enriched and meaningful.

One of the most exciting parts of the new year is the resolutions we make at the start. Whether we stick to it or not, coming up with these resolutions is a fun process. However, for 2022, we have curated a special set of 50 Ultimate resolutions for Kids and families to choose from! Each of these resolutions are age-appropriate and unique – each designed to help your little (or not so little) ones do different things that will help them grow. And while they seem to be small, everyday things; the impact that they will have is going to be huge!

So parents, help your kids by sharing these fun, new year resolutions with them. They are sure to make them think and give them a whole lot of perspective. The best part is (and you’ll find out as you keep reading), that there are resolutions for the whole family as well – something that everyone can do together, because after all, that’s the whole point isn’t it? to welcome 2022 together?!

Well, without any further ado, here they are! Go through them, print them out and have a great 2022!

New Year Resolutions for Preschoolers

Calling all preschoolers…have you cleaned up your toys and tidied up your room today? These fun New Year Resolutions for Kids will surely help them do all of that and more!

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1. I will always brush my teeth every morning and before I go to bed.

2. I will always clean up my toys and tidy up my room

3. I will always respect my elders

4. I will always share my toys with my siblings and friends

5. I will always try and use kind words like ‘please’, and ‘thank you’

6. I will always try to be kind to all, people, animals, insects

7. I will always listen to my parents

8. I will always say ‘sorry’ if I make a mistake and not lie

9. I will always eat my green vegetables

10. I will always go to bed without putting up a fight

New Year Resolutions for Tweens

Parents, these are for your terrific tweens at home. These New Year Resolutions for Kids are thoughtful, mindful and helpful. Each designed to help them become a better version of themselves throughout 2022.

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1.  I will always brush my teeth and floss twice a day

2. I will always keep my room and closet organised

3. I will always pick up my used clothes from the floor and put it in the bathroom

4. I will always avoid eating too much junk food however tempting it is

5. I will always read for at-least 30 mins everyday

6. I will always choose to play outside rather than screen time

8. I will always find an activity or sport that I can do twice a week

9. I will always choose to turn on music instead of the TV

10. I will always limit playing video games to one or two hours per day/ week

11. I will always openly express my feelings and not be afraid to share them with others

12. I will always adopt an attitude of gratitude

New Year Resolutions for Teens

As your kids grow from tweens to teens, so do their way of thinking and outlook on life. Their priorities change and automatically, being teenagers, they start thinking differently. Hence, these new year resolutions for teens are the perfect way to start 2022. They will help them gain so much perspective on life which will ultimately shape their strong, curious minds and help them become holistic individuals.

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1. I will read one new genre book every month

2. I will donate my unwanted shoes and clothes

3. I will be respectful towards my parents, teachers and elders

4. I will perform one act of kindness every week

5. I will refrain from saying anything negative about myself or others

6. I will unplug from social media at least 24 hours every month

7. I will get at least 8 hours of sleep every night

8. I will focus on my studies and work hard

9. I will ask questions if I am unsure of something

10. I will drink more water

New Year Resolutions for my Family

These resolutions are for the entire family – because a family that resolves to be better together, stays together! Once you start going through these resolutions, you’ll see how wonderful they are – helping everyone become kinder and more receptive towards one another. And the best part is…if you really think about it…they are not at all difficult to accomplish!

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1. We will be better listeners

2. We will eat at least one meal together everyday

3. We will put away our devices during dinner time

4. We will have a family game night once a week

5. We will participate in one physical activity together as a family once a week

6. We will organise a monthly family volunteer activity that supports an NGO

7. We will be more mindful about what we eat

8. Every week, we will tell each other the qualities we admire most about each other

9. We will make a meal together at least once a week.

10. We will use less plastic and be more eco-friendly.

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Now that was interesting right? Did you think these new year resolutions fun and different? Well, there’s only one way to find out right? Download & print these out, put them up for everyone to see and start checking them one at a time when it’s complete! Let’s all make a resolve to start (and end) the new year with a BANG!

Featured image credit: Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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