DIY Montessori sound box: Loads of fun

DIY Montessori sound box: Loads of fun Cover Image

Make these Montessori sound boxes at home and watch your toddler have great fun with the interesting sounds he hears as he shakes the cylinder!

Tissue rolls are versatile. The humble cardboard tube that normally gets thrown away can be put to use in so many interesting ways. A tissue roll, few grains and some interesting card stock is all you need for this Montessori sound box project.

Age group: 5 years and above

Step by step instructions for making a Montessori sound box at home

Step 1

  • Seal one end of the tissue roll with the card stock using PVA glue. Let it dry fully.
  • Tip in the grains. We used mustard seeds. You could use anything from pulses to beads and rice to create different sounds.
  • Seal the open ends of the tissue roll. Let the glue dry completely.

Step 02

  • Once the ends are sealed cover the body of the tissue roll with coloured paper. Let it dry. You could also decorate the sound box with sequins, glitter and other embellishments.

Shake, Shake, Shake!!! Your DIY sound box is ready!

Using different grains will give you different sounds. Your child could use different sound boxes to accompany all his/her musical escapades.

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