Mandala Art Activity Worksheets for Kids

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Last but not the least in the ‘Art Series’ – Mandala Art! Beautiful patterns, striking details and gorgeous motifs, Mandala art will come alive through these fun, printable activity worksheets for kids. So, read on, download and start creating.

Mandala is a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. Mandala art developed across India, Tibet, China & Japan and the circular designs in this art form symbolises the idea that life never ends and everything is connected.

Mandala Art is very significant in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. In Sanskrit it means “circle” or “discoid object” and therefore, Mandala art is always represented in this manner. It combines intricate patterns in the form of circles which are contained within a square and then organised into sections around a single, central point. Mandala art is very intricate and the designs come alive with beautiful colours.

Mandala art was typically depicted on paper or cloth and were drawn on a particular surface with threads. They were also done in Bronze and built in stone as well. Some common symbols that one would come across in Mandala art are a wheel with eight spokes, bells, triangles, the lovely Lotus flower and the sun (which is a recurring motif) among others.

The use of Mandalas are varied and one can see them being incorporated in various religious traditions, meditation, and modern contexts as well.

Make your own Mandala Art!

It’s time to get hands-on! Here are some fun mandala art activity worksheets for kids on that you can start with right away. They can easily be downloaded and printed. Let the creativity begin.

1. Trace & practice these Mandala patterns

Mandala patterns
Download Worksheet Here

2. Trace & practice this gorgeous Mandala design

In Sanskrit, mandala means circle. The circular designs symbolises the idea that life never ends and everything is connected. The art involves symmetry of patterns & colours emerging around a dot in circles.mandala practice worksheet

Download Worksheet Here

3. Colour the Mandala Art

Mandala art is used for meditation, prayer, healing and art therapy. Mandalas have shown to boost the immune system, reduce stress and pain.

mandala flower design

Download Worksheet Here

To get idea on how to colour this Mandala art, please watch this video at Srimoyee’s Instagram 

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