Making Mental Math fun: The Math Whizz way

Making Mental Math fun: The Math Whizz way Cover Image

Want your kids to get better at mental Math? This is one Math quiz that they absolutely need to take.

Do your kids enjoy Math? Do you think they have it in them to ace Mental Math? Before you groan and start fretting, here’s the good news. There is someone who does believe in your kid’s ability, even if he/she doesn’t think so. TheMathWhizz – India’s Biggest Mental Math Competition is perfect for your kids.

TheMathWhizz is a nation-wide mental math quiz for students of grades I to IX, organised by Aditya Edu ventures. One of the driving factors behind TheMathWhizz is to empower students to solve complex problems without using aids such as papers, pens or calculators. The entire focus is on the ability of the brain and the mind to workout the problems.

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Why Math Whizz for mental Math

The creators have three main objectives when it comes to this competition. Math, as a rule, has been viewed as rather an intimidating subject. Through this quiz, they hope to do the following:

  • Promote the concept of Mental Math among student community by building a strong foundation of basics of mathematics.
  • Enhance speed and accuracy with regard to problem solving.
  • Instil confidence in students when it comes to Math through practical & interactive method of learning

5 Ways it is different from other competitive exams

We know what you’re thinking. Why another competitive exam? What’s so unique about this one? Well, TheMathWhizz assures you of these important aspects.

1. Not Multiple-Choice Questions

Unlike the Olympiads and the ASSET, which your kids may be familiar with already, the Math Whizz is not an MCQ test. It’s a comprehensive assessment of speed and accuracy. Students are expected to answer the each question within one min and without using work sheet for calculations

2. There is no unique syllabus

If your child is familiar with Math taught at his/her grade level, then that is all the preparation that is needed. Students who register for the test will be e-mailed sample papers by the Math Whizz team to familiarise them with the format of the test.

For a quick look at sample papers for each grade, click here.

3. Tests speed, accuracy & knowledge

Unlike other tests, this one aims at enhancing the student’s ability to process information quickly. The work doesn’t end with the quiz.

The student is given feedback on the test performance to highlight the strong and weak areas. Typically, this is done through the school so that the institute can work on focusing on those core areas for improvement.

4. Uses the NCERT framework

Since there is no separate syllabus, TheMathWhizz competition uses questions and topics that are grade-appropriate for each level.

If a student is more or less familiar with the NCERT level of questions, then he/she can comfortably attempt the paper.

5. Builds problem-solving skills

Any test can tell you how you’ve done. But very few tests tell you how to enhance a skill. That’s where Math Whizz stands out. In going over the problems, a student is expected to exercise their mental Math skills and build on them to execute complex problem solving abilities.

FAQs about the Math Whizz test

Who can enrol?

Students from any school across India, from grades I to IX are eligible for the test. A student can either apply through the school or individually, to take the test.

How many rounds are there?

There are 3 rounds. Round 1 is conducted at the school level. Selected students then move on to the city-level in Round 2. The Grand Finale or Round 3 will be held in Bangalore with the top students selected from across India.

How are results announced?

Results will be uploaded on the Math Whizz website along with intimation to school co ordinators & parents (in case of direct web entries only)

What do students get?

All students get participation certificates. There are cash prizes for the grand finale winners along with medals & trophies.

The Math Whizz, is designed with the objective of making Math fun and accessible to all students. Any child can work on this, if given the right tools. That is precisely what the makers hope to promote across India.

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