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Tapas progressive school has a different take towards education for children and it’s quite unique! Parents, this is the opportunity to make learning fun and meaningful so that your kids can grow into well-rounded individuals. Curious? Check out this article for the details.

Schooling for children nowadays is much more than just textbooks and exams, it’s about giving children a holistic growing opportunity that will prepare them for the future and make them well-rounded individuals. One of the best ways to do this is to come up with innovative learning programs that allows children to exercise their curiosity and learn through different methods. 

Interactive learning that moves away from the conventional teacher-student module is the new way forward and kids can benefit a lot from this approach and Tapas progressive school provides your kid with just that. 

The Cambridge syllabus is at the heart of the school’s curriculum which they have customised to make learning more interconnected for the kids. STEAM education imparted through project-based learning makes it more hands-on for the kids and this is a salient point that makes Tapas so unique compared to others. To make learning even more fun, interactive modules and masterclasses on topics like gardening, hydroponics, math, robotics, astronomy, visual thinking, radio, sculpting and more have been added as well. 

Cornerstone of the Tapas learning way

Project-based learning

One of the best features of Tapas progressive school is project-based learning. This learning format is dynamic where the students explore real-world knowledge through active exploration. Project based learning at Tapas is all about the real-world – the kids are presented with actual problems and challenges and are given the chance to solve them all on their own. In this manner learning becomes more fun and contextual as well, preparing them to take on whatever the future has in store. 

The project-based learning in the curriculum is taken a step further through masterclass. In fact, this is what makes it so memorable for the kids. For example, the gardening masterclasses is not just about growing plants but understanding the science behind it. This has helped kids become more aware of global issues like the UN sustainability development goals and hunger issues and has also helped them develop key skills like cognitive skills, problem solving skills, motor skills, empathy, analytical skills and more. Tapas progressive school has a host of such masterclasses for children spanning across various topics and categories.

Key features of the Tapas learning module

Experiential learning

Getting to experience what you study rather than just learning from a textbook makes all the difference. Tapas has taken this to the next level by allowing kids to learn beyond textbooks and are not limited to learning capabilities dictated by grades. The child here gets to choose the extent and whether to appear for IGCSE board exams or appear as an independent candidate through NIOS as well.

Mixed-age learning environment

Playing games progressive school

A unique feature to Tapas. Mixed-age learning stimulates collaboration, free-thinking and empathy, allowing children to imbibe off each other. 

Learn through play

progressive school

Playing is a large part of learning, and this hands-on experience enables kids to grasp complex concepts quickly. Tapas encourages learning through play and gives your kids the scope to really enjoy the same.

Holistic learning

progressive school Tapas

Academic and non-academic – it’s the best of both worlds at Tapas! Here arts and sports are given as much importance as concepts of math and science, recognising them as actual tools for learning rather than just extra curricular’s. 

Masterclasses: Hello, real world experience! 

Teaching kids through masterclasses is a great way to build their fundamental concepts and see results from day one. Tapas has a variety of masterclasses on 6 different topics to make this learning process for kids informative, experimental and fun. 

  1. Kitchen Garden: Where kids learn seed germination, photosynthesis, soil composition, self-sustainability, motor skills, analytical thinking and problem-solving. 
  2. Senses Wonderland: Where kids learn the 5 human senses, money, budgeting, ticketing, business acumen, analytical thinking, decision making, problem-solving, motor skills and communication. 
  3. Hybrid Car: Where kids learn push and pull mechanics, mechanics of a toy, movement changes, electricity, circuitry, force, friction, analytical thinking and decision making. 
  4. Tiny House: Where kids learn the structure of a house, the building process, analytical thinking, spatial intelligence, problem-solving, decision making and motor skills. 
  5. Indo-Jazz fusion music: Is all about cultural diversity, social development, motor skills, problem-solving, creativity, emotional development and communication 
  6. Visual thinking: Includes problem-solving, critical thinking, decision making and motor skills.

Experienced facilitators

At Tapas, teachers are more than just people who help your kids in their academic journey. They are facilitators who work with your children and challenge them to think critically and become better overall. The best part is that they get to move onward with the students themselves, allowing them to develop a deep understanding of every child’s needs and learning capabilities. 

When it comes to the education of your children in this new day and age, are you ready to challenge the status quo? 

Because that is exactly what Tapas progressive school is doing! If you would like to get a sneak peek into the school, its facilities, and teaching methods firsthand, you can visit them at No.61, 3rd Cross, Ramarao Layout, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560085. 

You can also visit or call 97316 01333 for more information.

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