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The joy of celebrating a milestone is special. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a baby shower or even an office party – it’s these little moments that make for BIG memories which last us for a life time. But if you’ve been wondering how to make these parties from great to awesome – we’ve got just the recommendation for you! Check out CherishX, they do some spectacular work when it comes to customising your celebrations with every kind of decoration you can imagine – especially for kids’ birthday parties! Excited to know more? Read on!

Hello readers. This is an invite! An invite to come and experience one of the best party decorators for all the celebrations no matter how big or small!

What’s more exciting than attending a party? Well, getting to organise one! To plan the theme, to pick the perfect decorations, to decide on the colour scheme and so much more – there’s such a thrill to organising parties – be it a birthday or an anniversary. But let’s face it, it can be quite the task and let’s not get into the time it takes to bring all of this together.

Rock the party with CherishX

But here is where the good news comes in. CherishX is here to spread smiles throughout the world one celebration at a time! Masters at pulling off some of the most elaborate and awesome themed parties, CherishX is present across multiple cities across the country and they have some amazing themed décor up their sleeves. And moms & dads – CherishX is just great when it comes to kids’ birthday party décor, in fact they’re so good at it that it’s their specialty.

Why should parents choose CherishX for birthday parties?

You have 3 main reasons, and here they are!

  • Their variety of themes is immense! In fact, Bangalore parents, you can book from over 30 special themes for your kids’ birthday party all of which can be done through very simple and easy steps. 
  • They are affordable, and that means that you can get a whole lot done at very reasonable rates.
  • They capture emotions! And this is a big reason, folks. A birthday for kids comes with certain emotions and expectations. The CherishX team works closely with you to capture exactly that while providing customised decorations, so that your celebrations are special and memorable. 

Most popular & unique kids’ birthday party themes with CherishX

The kid’s birthday party themes are vibrant, colourful and full of life. From the latest trends to classic themed decorations – you’ll find them all at CherishX. And one thing to watch out for is their exemplary balloon work. They make such beautiful arches and installations with them that it’ll make everyone wonder at how gorgeous they are. 

So, is it Peppa Pig that you want? Or baby shark theme? How about a Mickey Mouse theme or Unicorn birthday balloon decorations? They have all of this and more. In fact, they also do first birthdays and gender themed party decorations as well along with creating magical customised decorations based on your kids’ favourite movies and characters (think Frozen, Spiderman, Boss Baby and more). There’s just so much to explore. 

FrillX – CherishX’s newest offering

To make their offerings even more delightful, CherishX has launched a new experience called ‘FrillX’ which further helps you plan the perfect celebration. The Party Store offers you various party essentials like DIY decoration kits, party props, occasion related kits like for birthdays; anniversaries; bachelor parties; baby showers, party balloons, cake toppers and a whole lot more. These DIY kits are delivered across India, and you can check out FrillX!

According to CherishX “The more your praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” And with this beautiful thought, try out CherishX and their services for the next party that you’re planning. It’s sure to be a hit especially with the kids. To know more and for details, visit their website.

This is a sponsored article written in collaboration with the brand.

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