Madhubani Indian Folk Art Activity Worksheets for Kids

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As a part of the ‘Art Series’, here is a piece on the Madhubani style of Indian folk art. Beautiful paintings, intricate designs and a burst of colours; this art form is waiting to be explored by the kids through fun and easy printable worksheets. Read on for more.

Madhubani Folk Art

Madhubani is a folk painting style from the Mithila region in Bihar, Northern India. It is mostly practiced by women in the villages and they paint pictures of nature and mythology to depict different events like birth, marriage, and cycles of life. Scenes from mythological books like Ramayana & Mahabharat feature prominently in Madhubani art as well.

Traditionally, the paintings were done on plastered mud walls and floors of huts. However, now they are also being done on handmade paper, cloth and canvas. Folk artists made their own colours by extracting them from plants and they used bamboo twigs, matchsticks or even fingers in lieu of a brush or pen.

Madhubani art is characterized by double borders across objects. Generally, no space is left empty and the gaps are filled by paintings of flowers, animals, birds, and even geometric designs. The colouring is of two styles. 1. Kachni (hatching) – which includes the use of delicate, fine lines to fill the painting. In this style, not much colour is used. 2. Bharni (shading) – which includes the use of solid colours to shade and fill the pictures. This style is all about using Black outlines that are then filled with vibrant colours.

Madhubani Indian Folk Art Activity Worksheets for Kids

1. Trace the sun drawing in the worksheet by using a Black pen or sketch pen. Then let the kids colour in the pattern using their vivid imagination. To get a better idea on how to colour the sun in typical Madhubani style, please visit Sun Design in Madhubani Indian Folk ArtDownload Worksheet Here

2. One fish done, one more left to go! Let your kids use their creativity to complete the other fish and the background in the worksheet below. They can use either patterns or colours. Time to download and have fun!  Fish Design in Madhubani Indian Folk Art

Download Worksheet Here

3. This pretty parrot is just waiting to be filled in – think bright hues and be as creative as you can!

Parrot design in Madhubani Indian Folk Art

Download Worksheet Here

The Madhubani art form, steeped in heritage and culture is a great example of creative expression drawn from past events, lore and mythology. And with these printable activity sheets for kids, your little ones (and you) can have a ton of fun colouring them in as you come closer to experiencing this form of Indian folk art.

If you enjoyed this article, then stay tuned for the next one in the ‘Art Series’! It’ll be here sooner than you think.

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