A story less-mentioned during the lockdown!

A story less-mentioned during the lockdown! Cover Image

The lockdown has been different for each and every one of us. We have grown together and learnt together and adapted together into a new normal. Penning down her thoughts on this journey, here’s a beautifully written poem by a mother on what she experienced during the lockdown.

It is a 21-day lockdown they said,
Oooh! that is much needed, we all said.
Then came the zoom calls, the work from home fad, the fun pyjama days.
Soon, there were many forwards, many memes, many groups with many
posters filling all the phone memory and putting us in a daze.

Parents have become teachers, hair stylists, cooks, housekeepers and even doctors.
Children actually say, they like the lockdown because their parents were finally home
and that to me, was one of the shockers!
I see there are different kinds of parents and all of them right in their own way.
Some say the days are long, some say they have become play mates, some with
never ending chores and some just went grey!

Amongst so much that is going on…
I want to take a minute and walk you through a special world, where I belong!
I hear you when you say, your children hate to stay indoors.
But, how about the world of an autistic child who struggles with the lockdown blows.

Suddenly, there are no rides, no malls, no schools and no parks.
What on earth is going on, in his own autistic ways he asks!
The park meant more than just the play for this child.
The swing was almost therapeutic to him with his mom by his side!

What will he do when he can’t say – Momma, tell me what is going on,
what do mean when you say lockdown?
The car rides were more than mere transportation for him,
it was designed with things he could get.
It meant seeing a world through the windows, safe and secure
and getting his sensorial needs met.
What will he do when he can’t say – Daddy, tell me what is going on,
what do mean when you say lockdown?

School was not about learning a new lesson, finishing an assignment,
or getting a grade higher.
It was about therapy, it was about learning to sit longer,
see clearer, write firmer and read stronger.
What will he do when he can’t say – Momma, tell me what is going on,
what do mean when you say lockdown?
The life of a special needs family is not about finishing the day somehow
with decent work on chores,
It revolves around meeting daily goals.

We, as special needs families weren’t just worried about supplies
and ration when they announced the lockdown.
We were wondering how to keep our baby’s mental strength ON!

Autism is all about schedules and routines.
We were petrified in the beginning on the thought of little one giving into the screens.
But God has better plans, always always always.
And this lockdown made me realise that I was not reading the
writing on the wall which was right in front of my face!

This lockdown has helped me drop everything and zoom in on my children gracefully.
No dilemmas, no qualms, no regrets, no complaints.
Today, I see my son in a new light, not just as a mother, as a therapist,
and that is a new story we paint.

So, overall, the lockdown is different for special needs families.
The dad goes beyond working from home and makes therapy
schedules and becomes a therapist.
The mom goes beyond her chores and meet goals through developmental play,
learns new things and checks off activities from her daily list.
The sister goes beyond her whims and helps with therapy as a buddy to clear the mist.
The grandparent goes beyond leisure and gives a hand with everything we do, like an iron fist.

This is a sneak peek into our world during this lockdown.
The sensory needs of my little one can never be shot down!
His world is very different and we ought to make it nice for him.
For, we believe that he is not just special,
He is super and will shine with what is given to him.

Lockdown or not… these are rewarding times for our family.. and so many like ours.
Write your story too and make this historical moment count before it can pass!

About the Guest Author

Ishwarya is just a goofy, fun loving mom who gets to see pure love from a special needs child and a neurotypical child. She is a mom-preneur, who makes time for dreams like community building in the space of parenting and childhood. Her biggest strength – making time for hugs and cuddles without overthinking the present moment!

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