Light Up your Diwali with these Beautiful DIY Candles

Light Up your Diwali with these Beautiful DIY Candles Cover Image

DIY Diwali candles done two ways. Easy, breezy and beautiful, these candles are a whole lot of fun to make with your kids. Just follow the steps and you’ll have something special to light up your lovely home with, this Diwali.

Every year, Diya’s fairy lights, sparklers, candles and what have you; lights up people’s homes & lives during Diwali. Adults love it, kids love…and why not, it really does make everything all the more festive. Well this year, take the tradition up a notch and make your very own DIY candles at home with your little ones. Be it the floating kind or the ones that come in pretty glass jars, in this article, you’ll find an easy step-by-step process for both. A great way to begin the festive season, make some candles and create some wonderful memories this Diwali with your little ones.

Step by step instructions to make Floating Candles with water and oil

Step 1

Gather all the material required to make the floating candles. You will need: used glass jars, water, used cooking oil, dried flowers or colorful stones, cotton wick, Clean the glass jar with a dry cloth and place the flowers/stones at the bottom. Now add water upto 3/4th of the jar.

Step 2

In the remaining 1/4th of the jar add, the used cooking oil. Remember to do this carefully.

DIY Candles: Add Used cooking oil to it

Step 3

Once the oil has settled, add the cotton wick in the center of the oil band and let it adjust itself.

DIY Floating Candles is ready to use.

Step 3

The candles are ready to light up now. You can use your imagination & creativity and make it in your style using different kinds of used jars and decorations.

Step by step instructions to make glass jar candles

Step 1

Gather all material required to make the candle in a glass jar. You will need: used cooking oil, crapes of used candles, scissors, pan to heat oil, small glasses, fragrance oil, cotton wick and a few toothpick sticks.

Materials required to make candles in a jar

Step 2

Take a steel pan and heat one bowl of used cooking oil in it. Once it’s warm add one bowl of leftover candle scrapes to it.

Step 3

Once the wax melts, remove the pan from the heat and add a few drops of fragrance oil – which oil you use, is totally up to you! You can use lavender, citronella, citrus, jasmine or anything else you like.

DIY Diwali Candle: Add fragrance oil to melted candle

Step 4

Now set the wick in the glass with the help of the toothpick.

DIY Diwali Candle: Set the cotton wick using a toothpick

Step 5

Once done, pour the mixture of oil and melted candles / wax to the glass jars and let it set for 20 – 30 minutes.

DIY Diwali Candle: Pour the mix to the glass jars

Step 6

Your candles are all ready for Diwali celebrations. These amazing candles can last up to 8 hours at a stretch.

Your Diwali candles are ready to use

Now that you know how to make your candles, you can pick one or both…either way, it’s going to be a great Diwali!

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