5 Valuable Life Lessons From Planet Earth videos

5 Valuable Life Lessons From Planet Earth videos Cover Image

If you or your child are wildlife buffs, these videos from the Planet Earth series by Sir David Attenborough couldn’t have escaped your notice. The breathtaking visuals also tell a bigger story with amazing life lessons.

The animal kingdom in its primitive and purest form shows us how important it is to remain connected with your true nature and respect your natural environment to survive and thrive in the world.

Here are top 5 life lessons from the Planet Earth videos that can be imbibed from observing the various species in their natural habitat under different circumstances:

1. The blind Golden Mole closing in on its prey

The predator Golden mole moves swiftly under the sandy grains intent on slaying its prey. Nothing out of the ordinary, you say, except for the fact that the mole is completely blind.

What it teaches us:

Rather than lamenting on a lack of skill, identify your strengths and use them as formidable forces to reckon with. Nature has a way of balancing out things in our favour. Trust in your abilities and go for the skies!

2. Ibex challenging gravity

The ibex needs the salt mixed with nutrients from the earthy soil to keep its bones strong. In order to get its vital source of food, it’s ready to even challenge the forces of Nature. Watch how the mother and child duo climb on this almost 90-degree treacherous surface of the dam.

What it teaches us:

Once you’ve set your goals, be determined to get hold of them under any circumstances. You can stretch yourself to the limits that seem insurmountable to others.  The young one has complete faith in its mother and follows her with gut instinct. A vital lesson here is to trust in your teacher/Guru in life who’ll guide you to safety.

3. Baby iguana in the face of near-certain death

This video had gone viral on the social media sites and it’s not for nothing. This chilling video shows how a newborn iguana follows its natural survival instinct even as it is certain to meet death at the hands of its stronger, sneaky predators.

What it teaches us:

Success is not always determined by sheer strength in numbers or muscle power. It’s the presence of mind, grit, and the intense determination to overcome all odds. Animals recognize this instinctively only because they do not veer from the path of being connected to their true nature.

4. Lizards change to dragons in the thick of the jungles

Humans might be considered among the superior species but there’s no denying the intelligence and adaptability of the animal and bird kingdom.

What it teaches us:

When you meet your match, it’s not always prudent to strike a duel. We need to co-exist and learn the ways to bend our egos to live a wiser and fuller life.

5. Monkeys amid the human habitat- intruders or victims?

It is humourous to watch how we humans are hoodwinked by the so-called primitive creatures. It’s not without reason they are known as our ancestors. Perhaps, there are faculties we are yet to evolve in.

What it teaches us:

When man stops respecting his environment and indiscriminately encroaches upon the territories of other living beings, his doom is inevitable. This Earth does not belong to only humans and the sooner we learn this, the better it is for the future of mankind.

Do you have any personal favourites from this series? We’d love to hear what it is that you love about them.

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