Life as a parent- When your child asks you to ‘relax’

Life as a parent- When your child asks you to ‘relax’ Cover Image

Isn’t it every parent’s dream to put their feet up and relax? One mom did just that when ordered to by her kid. Ah, but there’s a twist!

Life as a parent can be very gratifying and entertaining too! A few days ago, my 10-year old daughter surprised me. She said, “I’ll cook dinner tonight – you relax!”

I was overwhelmed, and hugged her. I had just come back from a walk and her idea of “you relax” was most welcoming. But then leaving the kitchen to a 10-year old is not an easy job.

I tried to hang around and help her but she was very vehement that I would not be doing any such thing – I was worried about her handling the gas stove and using the kitchen knives (even though they are a little blunt, things like these in her hands are definite weapons of mass destruction!).

She literally pushed me out of the kitchen and repeated again “RELAX”.

Okay, fine – I said to myself. Let her learn; she will probably call out to me in a few minutes asking for help to light the stove or to chop some vegetable. But no, she finished everything – prepared dinner, set the table and then called out to me.

I was stunned. She’d made tomato soup (thanks to Knorr). She’d tried to be a little creative. She boiled pasta and added it to the soup and not to forget the “vegetables”, she put in some corn and peas (her most preferred veggies!) And lo, we had a wholesome dish to eat and drink for dinner! Her younger sister loved it as well and in fact the next day she asked me “Will Akka be preparing dinner again today? It was so nice yesterday”!!

After the pleasant dinner, my daughter added “Okay Amma, I cooked dinner tonight; now how about you doing my homework?” I was speechless!

Turns out life as a parent is more than just relaxing. It’s being told how to relax and get back to work as soon as possible at that! Ah well, we live and learn.

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