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Kids are full of creativity & energy. Here’s how you can let them unleash their imagination and go wild. “Colouring outside the lines is a fine art” says Kim Nance. How true…

Here’s a fun idea to make the party for little ones more happening.
 There is a golden rule we all should remember: Kids love mess! Kids love to create. So what best way to engage a bunch of energy filled munchkins – Give them lots of paints and brushes and sponges and lots of paper, and don’t tell them what to do and more importantly what not to do.


Once in a while it’s good to let them be without instructions – that’s when they are at their creative best. Make sure you pick a location that you don’t have to worry about when the kids are at the job with colors and splish – splashes. Either a terrace or a balcony or even a park with a mat for them to sit and paint would do.

 Tape the papers to the floor if you can and write their names on the sheets.
 If you have a terrace and no easels, here’s what you can do – Stick the thermocol sheets with a double tape to the side walls and pin the sheets of paper on to it, once the painting is done all you have to do is put up a fresh sheet and pin it.

Materials you might need:

  1. Washable colors – Faber Castle little jars are good (non toxic) or Camlin water color tubes (for older kids)
  2. Paper plates or little pallets or you can also use small diyas to mix colors
  3. Brushes in various sizes – Add bits of sponges in interesting shapes, Cotton buds/Qtips, Cotton Balls
  4. Sheets of paper – Huge charts are most fun for this kind of activity
  5. Tape, pins, thermocol sheets, glue
  6. Little white paper cups, big round pebbles, empty cartons, mason jars (empty jam, nutella jars are good too) – For extra dose of creativity with older kids
  7. You can click pictures of their paintings and send the prints to them later on. It makes a great keepsake for their memory box.

More about a craft box for your little geniuses in the next article. Give them the box and a quiet corner and they will be happily be lost in their world for a while. This is a lot healthier way to be engaged than having their noses buried in the screens.

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