You know you’re a mom when…

You know you’re a mom when… Cover Image

The experience of being a mom is unique for every woman. And yet, some things are universal. Read on to see if you can identify with any of these typical signs of mommyhood.

1. There’s a voice permanently on loop in your head saying, “you’re not doing enough”.


2. You mostly feel one of these two emotions: guilty or tired. Yes, tired is an emotion.
3. You look at your own pre-pregnancy pictures with a feeling of envy and lust.
4. You have a new-found appreciation for your own mother and even start seeing merit in all those things you rebelled against for years.
5. You miss your child desperately when they’re asleep and can’t wait for them to go sleep when they’re awake.


6. It’s 10 in the morning and you’re already completely and utterly exhausted.
7. You start including wine in your list of home staples like atta, daal, chawal.
8. Coordinated clothes and washed hair are no longer a priority.
9. When someone asks you to choose between husband and nanny, you smile and change the subject because the honest answer is too embarrassing to reveal.
10. It takes you three days to finish watching a 23-minute sitcom.


11. Your phone’s picture folder is almost entirely full of baby pictures, punctuated by a few pictures of suspicious looking pictures of baby poo, throw up and rashes.
12. You hope to finish the book you started before the next general election.
13. Leaving your child in the care of grandparents and going to office feels like a mini-vacation.
14. You’re grateful that your friends and colleagues still invite you for nights out, even though you all know there’s no way you’ll be able to make it.
15. You love chatting with other moms about mom stuff, but every once in a while you wish someone would come and tell you about their torrid affair or their wild night of partying.


16. While reversing your car, your view includes a car seat, toys, a blanket and sometimes a kadai from the kitchen.
17. It takes you a few days to finish writing a medium length article.
18. You don’t remember the last time a part of your body was not aching.
19. You got a drastically different hair cut or hair colour in the hope of taking the focus off your fat body.
20. Suspicious looking stains on the carpet really don’t bother you. (You secretly know what they are and you’re fine with them.)
21. As you read/write this, your child is pulling at your hair – a sure sign that you’ve spent way too much time on your computer and should now be playing with your bundle.

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