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We’ve found the perfect app for all those “I’m bored” moments with your kids. KNOALA is a free app available on the Apple store that provides excellent age-appropriate activities for parents to enjoy with their infants to pre-schoolers.

Knoala – Why we liked it

The Knoala Activity based iOS app for kids has a very easy-to-use and intuitive design wherein you can create personalized profiles for your kids by entering their name, age and gender and let the app do the rest for you. Knoala then pulls up multiple activities that you can do with your kids, be it creating a rocket ship with coloured craft paper and glue to making your own puzzle. The personalization of the app is so cool that each activity has your child’s name in the instructions and on completion of the activity you simply click on the “Done” button. The app actively encourages the user to go ahead complete the activity and tick off the task. The social aspect of the app is also built in nicely wherein you have the option to like and follow other contributors based on their published activities and you can also Pin any activity on Pinterest too!

Age appropriate and Learning skills

The app suggests easy to do activities that are age appropriate and at the same time encourages learning for your kids. Not only will you have fun doing the variety of suggested tasks but also have your kids sharpen their artistic, cognitive, counting, emotional, motor and many other skills in the process.

All the recommended activities are very easy to do and make use of stuff commonly found lying at home thereby ensuring that you don’t need to leave home to buy stuff specially. The app proves to be a special boon for all those rainy or extremely hot summer days when your kids are forced to stay indoors and be entertained. I find the Knoala app a far better alternative to watching television on such occasions.

Simple and easy

For instance my 4 and half year old son and I did the Shape Rocket activity with coloured craft paper, scissors and glue. We cut paper into various shapes like circles, triangles, squares and cones representing the different parts of the rocket ship. Then we assembled all the parts and stuck it with glue on a large drawing paper. While doing all this we could refer to the app which had photographs of the activity along with step-by-step instructions. They also have a time indicator on the top of the page showing the approximate time each activity would normally take to complete.

I had no idea that completing this simple activity would give both of us so much joy. My son has this rocket ship proudly displayed in his room. What fun!

Another great feature of this app which we love is Story starters. I’m sure all of us have faced those moments when it gets very hard coming up with new story ideas to tell our kids. Story starters present a variety of combinations for stories that are fun for both you and your kids. This is a fabulous way to let your creativity take over and entertain your kids by telling them a story of ‘ a shy turtle who dreams of going to space’ or ‘a big car that travels around the world’.  Story starters are unique and sure to be a lot of fun for both you and your bubs.


We recommend every parent to have this app on his or her iPhone or iPad. It’s free to download and you’re going to definitely end up using it very often. So go ahead and do more stuff with your kids.

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