Connect with the power of nature – a visit to the ‘real’ farm

Connect with the power of nature – a visit to the ‘real’ farm Cover Image

The story of a rice grain that is born in the green fields and ends up in their little tummys to make the dear elves strong – tell the whole story to your child as he/she touches, sees, feels and experiences the magic of nature in the fields.

A visit to the farm is a lovely way to help your child connect with the power of nature. To sow the seeds/saplings in the fields along with others is a learning experience that too very messy enjoyable one. It helps them appreciate farmers produce and the food they eat so much more after their stint at the fields. Trust me the mess and mud that bring squeals of laughter are going to be worth it.


If possible, you can get the farmers to give some fresh vegetables and other produce to the children to bring back with them (plucking fruits or vegetables if allowed is also a great source of joy to the kids)


An extension would be a visit to the dairy farm which helps them understand about milk production and how it reaches people every day morning to their doorstep.

It’s always a better option to increase the experience bank for the children in early formative years than any other form of entertainment – toys, tv, ipads and more screens. They don’t even need anything fancy like a trip to Disneyland to make them jump with joy – a simple visit to the farm will do as much.


Well unless your child is too well informed to weigh the pros and cons of Disneyland as against the local farm hopefully those battles will be postponed to teenage years.

PS: Tractor rides and getting drenched in the water pumps are the cherries on the cake. If you are lucky, you get them too.

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