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Spirituality is a science of self realization and a process of personal transformation. We need to gift our children spiritual consciousness. Teach them that all souls are inherently pure, positive, peaceful and powerful.

Om Shanti – I Am a Peaceful soul. This is a mantra I learnt from sister Shivani (Bharamkumari) and now I practice this daily in all my roles as a woman. When you are at peace and ease within yourself something magical starts happening around you. The world around you responds to the world inside you – everything becomes so calm and centered.

As a mother I feel it’s my prime responsibility to offer myself as a positive role for my kids. Children learn by observation and they grow by watching their parents actions and reactions. This is what forms their emotional circuits for life which in turn shapes their emotional intelligence.

In my original form I am love, happiness joy and bliss. This understanding and awakening helped me in knowing my true nature and connecting with my authentic self. We as parents need to first connect with our inner selves before we help our kids discover their true nature.

The more one is spiritually minded, the more one is open to infinite divine possibilities.

To be pure means

We have to endeavour for purity and positivity in our intention, thoughts, words and action. Good intentions will reap good karma and good actions.

To be peaceful means

I will not allow what others say or do destroy my inner peace and satisfaction. Don’t sacrifice your peace by speaking wrongly or reacting towards negative people. Don’t break your peace into pieces.

To be powerful means

Even in the most negative situations I will stay positive and in control of my self. In self control there is power.

Daily training of the mind just like we train our bodies “I am the master of my thoughts and choices”. Only when our children will see us make healthy choices daily will they emulate and model us.

Through practicing mindfulness and meditation you heal and transform your life and the lives of many others who you touch for a long time to come. Make your inner voice pure.

I firmly believe that only through self transformation can we hope to create world transformation. The purpose of my life is to cultivate more love, passion, compassion, peace, purity and positivity so that we leave a better planet for our children.

Osho says “If you are suffering it’s your own choice, if you are blissful it’s again your own choice. You are responsible no one else is.”

Spiritual knowledge means to take care of your thoughts. Don’t be a prisoner to your thoughts. Don’t be possessed by your Mind. Don’t be at the mercy of your impulses. Look at your thoughts objectively. Separate the thinker from the thoughts. We can teach our children self control and self restrain only when we are shining examples of what we want them to be. Lead by your language. As parents and leaders we need to use words that are kind and loving which inspires others to be their best versions.

The positive energy that I emit around my family changes our living environment. In meditation we say I am a soul, I am the creator of my thoughts and I am originally a pure soul. If others don’t get angry anxious or depressed from my words and actions I have created happiness.

Very little is needed to be happy. Happiness is determined not by what’s happening around you rather it’s determined by what’s happening inside you. It’s your way of thinking.

We all are pure souls and to be spiritually conscious means to activate and awaken your true nature. This is the greatest learning of my life and I am trying to sincerely practice and teach my children this daily.

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