12 Reasons why kids should read books of different genres

12 Reasons why kids should read books of different genres Cover Image

Do your kids read a range of books or do they stick to their favourites? Enchantico, the book subscription provider, tells you why it’s necessary to help them read outside their comfort zone.

Kids have the habit of watching the same TV series, movie, or cartoon programs on repeat. The same goes for books. They tend to read the same book all over again because they enjoy doing so. Now, many think, what’s the harm in reading the same book again and again? Why should kids be encouraged to read books of different genres?

Well, books help develop one’s imagination, visual skills, communication as well as critical thinking skills. But, reading or viewing the same content can saturate one’s brain development and restrict/limit their skills.

‘Reading is exercise to the mind.’ This is one of the oldest clichés one can remember about reading. Just like our body requires physical fitness, our mind needs exercise on a daily to stay fit. Mental fitness is equally important for us as physical fitness.

However, we tend to drive away from the fact and do not necessarily prioritize our mind’s workout routine. Instead, we as adults let our children watch television or busy themselves with smartphones and tablets. This creates a creativity block and limits the child’s capabilities of thinking outside the box when needed.

Therefore, it is encouraged that children take up reading of any form as a part of their mental fitness in the early years to avoid any such limitations and restrictions to their minds. One of the effective ways to help develop their mind is by introducing them to different genre of books and types of texts available.

Different kinds of genres:

Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Picture/Illustrated Books, Informational Books, Science Fiction, Mystery, Short Plays, Fairy Tales, Biographies, and Memoirs and Poetry are a few genres that you should let your child dabble in These books introduce them to newer concepts, teach them about the history of the world, share information about important personalities, create a visual appeal, invoke feelings, and add value to their growth.

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Reading different genres helps a child build experience and develop their thinking skills. It broadens their worldview and boosts their self-esteem. Reading also develops your child’s vocabulary level and improves their memory.

Here are 12 wonderful reasons kids should read books of different genres

1. It improves your memory
2. Builds vocabulary
3. Helps improve writing skills
4. Builds experiences
5. Boosts confidence and self-esteem
6. Improves focus and concentration
7. Stimulates the mind
8. Reduces stress levels
9. Is a free form of entertainment/edutainment
10. Strengthens analytical thinking skills
11. Develops problem-solving skills
12. Stimulates their imagination and creativity skills

How does reading different books help?

Children should be encouraged to choose books that are not gender specific. For instance, it is the general idea that girls should read books that are based on softer themes like fairies and birthday parties, etc.; whereas boys are encouraged to read those that deal with mysteries and adventure (surfing, trekking, mountaineering, etc.) This preconceived idea should be shrugged off to allow children to choose books that interest them irrespective of their gender. Let them explore through a number of genres and help them with choosing books appropriate to their level of understanding and age.

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When a child takes interest in reading books comprising of unique themes that reflect the modern times in more appropriate ways, he extends a hand towards expanding his knowledge and unearthing information about the world he lives in and the world that’s beyond imagination.

Reading, surely, adds value to their life.It lets a child dive into the world of art, culture, science, history, fiction and much more. It is a pathway between children and their imagination. It is said that a child with a strong imagination tends to perform better at school.

Enrich your child with surplus reading experiences and let them explore the different niches the world of literature holds.

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